• Who can help the schools?

    To the editor: All my adult life has been dedicated to education. When the voters allowed me to serve on the Brunswick County Board of Education, I watched with interest as the lottery was put into place.

    A promise from Gov. Perdue that she would propose “a constitutional amendment to make sure that lottery funds stay dedicated to education” gave me hope.

  • Supports John Ingram

    To the editor: Brunswick County now has a sheriff who runs the department very efficiently and professionally. John Ingram is morally upright. He respects all who serve under him.  Brunswick County deserves a sound, professiona

  • Why won’t Rabon debate?

    To the editor:
    Is it just me or does anyone out there find it odd Bill Rabon, Republican candidate for N.C. Senate District 8, has not and will not debate his Republican Primary opponent Bettie Fennell?
    Fennell and Rabon have had several opportunities to conduct a debate and in each case Rabon refuses and makes excuses.
    Why does a candidate with his enormous financial resources that allows a constant bombardment of television and radio ads, not display the courage to debate his opponent?

  • Week of the Young Child

    To the editor: Young children in Brunswick County deserve the best we can give them.
    During Week of the Young Child, April 11-17, we can show our support for children and for early learning in our community by recognizing the needs of young children and thanking the adults involved in their education and care.
    As we thank parents, teachers, caregivers and volunteers, promote early literacy programs and work to ensure that our public policies support early learning for all young children, we recognize early years are learning years.

  • America, get involved

    To the editor:
    Recently, I attended a Tea Party in Raleigh. The agenda was to persuade Roy Cooper to join a number of states in fighting to repeal the unconstitutional healthcare bill.  
    I was sickened in the way things turned out. I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever I think you too should be concerned.
    The day before our demonstration, an e-mail came out telling us that poles or sticks with signs would not be acceptable, even the American flag on a pole. The reason given was that these things could be used as weapons.

  • BFA helps families

    To the editor:
    As the new executive director of Brunswick Family Assistance, I am writing to thank our supporters and to introduce the organization to those who do not know us yet.
    Our mission is to improve the quality of life for low-income families and to
     increase awareness of the social and economic problems in our community.
    Please look at ways BFA helped Brunswick County residents last year.
    In 2009 BFA provided:
    •$374,000 in food (183 tons) to 3,051 households, feeding 9,546 individuals.

  • Thanks for help

    Thanks for help
    To the editor:
    I would like to thank everyone who came out to the sing at Old Shallotte Baptist Church on March 14 in my honor.
    It was truly an amazing event and an honor to see so many friends and family supporting me in this fight against ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).
    For those that could not attend, I would also like to thank you for your support, prayers, visits, cards and words of encouragement.

  • Thanks to 911 telecommunicators

    To the editor:
    I just wanted to say happy National Telecommunicators Week to all my coworkers at Brunswick County 911 Center.
    April 11-18 this year has been designated as Telecommunicators Week as it is every year. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough when you think about all the sacrifices telecommunicators make.

  • Shell game with Brunswick taxes

    To the editor:
    Brunswick County is playing a shell game with its proposed tax increase.
    First, they propose charging for trash pick up to the tune of $147 per household. This charge is really a tax.
    Then they say they are dropping the tax rate by one cent. The two together amount to a rise in those whose home is valued at less than $600,000.
    On the other end of the scale, people with more expensive properties would see a tax decrease.

  • Pontoon bridge should be saved

    To the editors:
    The opinions of the majority of Sunset Beach residents must be voiced to understand their concern and frustration over the demolition of the Sunset Beach swing bridge.
    Residents feel the swing bridge is a historic monument, being the last swing bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway; therefore, it should be preserved for future generations.
    The Sunset Beach swing bridge is the icon of this entire town; it encompasses the town’s quaint, meaningful history and so should be kept largely intact.