• Wake up: Trump is our president

    To the editor:

    News flash! President Trump is the duly elected 45th president of this country and there are absolutely no grounds for impeachment.

    The “impeach Trump” ad is disrespectful and, honestly, I and other “deplorables” I know are very disappointed the Beacon would allow this ad to be run.

    I am all for freedom of speech, but when the country is so divided right now, why fuel the fire with such nonsense? You may not agree with the electoral college that voted in favor of Trump, but wake up: He is your president.

  • Our country desperately needs fixing

    To the editor:

    One of your readers, a patriot from Supply, called Democrats “functionally illiterate” in a letter to the editor last week. What a fantastic characterization of a party that has imploded, thanks in part to President Obama and his minions.

  • Town handled gun theft news appropriately

    To the editor:

    I am writing in response to your Feb. 2 editorial, “Sunset Beach handles gun theft poorly.” Acting Sunset Beach Police Chief Joe Smith reported the theft to the Shallotte Police Department and to Town Administrator Susan Parker.

    To notify the public in the very early stages of the investigation could have adversely affected the integrity of this investigation. Is publicizing this crime and possibly tipping off the perpetrators more important than recovering the stolen weapons and arresting those responsible?

  • Town council dysfunction like wildfire

    To the editor:

    The council dysfunction in Sunset Beach has spread like a wildfire into issues of pine straw. Even though this past summer’s fire was started by carelessness, we should probably modify the behavior of all citizens, guests and tourists to the town

  • Sunset Beach belabors its cabana issue

    To the editor:

    Having read Sunset Beach Town Council voted to pass an ordinance forbidding anyone from setting up a canopy or cabana on the beach until 7 a.m., instead of 6 a.m. as it was before, I just have to say how dumb this is.

    The amount of manpower and undue stress it will put on the fire and police departments to enforce such a ridiculous thing is beyond me. Town council would have been wise to just ban them.

  • CIS changes lives one student at a time

    To the editor:

    Communities In Schools of Brunswick County (CIS) has helped change the paths of students’ lives for 22 years. CIS lives its mission every day to “surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”

  • U.S. is divided against itself

    To the editor:

    Americans. We are all Americans, “first.” Our country is seriously divided between “us” and anyone who disagrees with “us.” The “other” is now our opponent, our enemy.

    This is what we have become. A country divided against itself. And it cannot stand.

  • Sunset Beach should consider public petitions

    To the editor:

    I’d like to thank Rich Cerrato and the entire Sunset Beach Town Council for their service to our town. It appears to me that it’s either Mr. Cerrato’s way or the highway. There seems to be lack of working together or compromise with the council, but there are plenty of innuendos and suggestions of conspiracies.

  • Oral hygiene

    To the editor:

    Whichever end of a toothpick President Trump might choose to use, liberals will most assuredly claim it is the wrong one.

    When a toddler throws a tantrum, a caring parent will resolve the matter swiftly with a firm pat on the child’s backside, assuring him that not only is the conduct unacceptable, but, even if subconsciously, that some actions can have undesirable consequences.

    John A. Donnelly

    Carolina Shores

  • Democratic voters are ‘functionally illiterate’

    To the editor:

    This past election was extraordinary and one of exuberance. The morning of Nov. 9 around 3:30 a.m., Donald J. Trump became president-elect. What followed was remarkable. America saw first-hand what happens when people raised and educated by a village acted. The Democratic Party, from top to bottom, went into a total meltdown. The politicians, scholars and the three dumb-down generations of indoctrination showed the world how a functionally illiterate class of voters reacted. Pathetic!