• Shell game with Brunswick taxes

    To the editor:
    Brunswick County is playing a shell game with its proposed tax increase.
    First, they propose charging for trash pick up to the tune of $147 per household. This charge is really a tax.
    Then they say they are dropping the tax rate by one cent. The two together amount to a rise in those whose home is valued at less than $600,000.
    On the other end of the scale, people with more expensive properties would see a tax decrease.

  • Time to oust McIntyre

    To the editor: A few weeks ago, Mike McIntyre said he was not for the healthcare bill. Then he lost his backbone and a special interest group spent thousands of dollars on TV ads saying that, “Mike was standing tall for you.”

    If standing tall in a political cesspool is standing tall, may we all forever stand short. Before the final vote, Mike said he was again not for the bill because of the cost. What a pathetic answer.

  • Help stop Gamble's release

    To the editor: A grassroots victim support group is rallying online through Facebook to try and stop John Norman Gamble from being released so early from prison.

    We are friends, family and community advocates. We ask you bring this cause more awareness through your newspaper and Web site.

    Please help us, as there is not much time left.

    I have included a link to Amy’s Facebook cause and a link to the petition page. People have already begun writing the N.C. Parole Commission as well.

  • Support Ingram in election

    To the editor: As we contemplate the election of a sheriff of Brunswick County, the reality is there is a Republican primary and those who like what Sheriff John Ingram is doing won’t get a chance to vote for him if they don’t show up and vote at the primary on May 4.

  • Voting in primary is important

    To the editor: If you are concerned about our national debt, state spending and the ever-increasing role of government in our everyday lives, the 2010 elections offer you a chance to do something about it.

    Furthermore, if you are a conservative who wants to ensure the Republican Party stands strong for constitutional principles of freedom, limited government and states’ rights, you should pay attention to the May 4 Republican primary elections.

  • Criticism is unwarranted

    To the editor: Last week, the Beacon published a letter from Walter Weber commending the newly elected Carolina Shores commissioners for their efforts to solve some of our community concerns.

    Mr. Riccitelli and I also are pleased with their hard work on these issues; we campaigned for them last fall and support their efforts to move our community forward.

    Our disappointment was in the lack of options offered to the board.

  • Awaiting Wright's return

    To the editor, On Thursday, March 18, WLTT 106.3 FM, The Big Talker in Wilmington, mentioned that longtime morning show host Curtis Wright was let go. He was replaced the next day.

    I placed a call to Paul Knight, general manager of Sea-Comm. Inc. and Eric Jorgensen, owner of Sea-Comm. Inc. to express my displeasure with this decision. Only Jorgensen returned my call with a vague response, insisting it was “a business decision.”

  • Supports healthcare reform

    To the editor: Our Constitution starts, “We the People.” We strive to be “by the people, for the people,” not “by the corporations, for the corporations.”

    You wouldn’t know that looking at big insurance companies, subsidized with tax exemptions and only paying for about a third of the costs. We pay the balance directly and through taxes.

    Record profits reward them with multimillion-dollar bonuses for denying claims to people when they need them most, refusing to cover pre-existing conditions, dramatically raising premiums.

  • Putrid porridge

    To the editor: On March 21, the United States Congress sold our American birthright for a pot of putrid porridge.


  • Plans to get VA facility here

    To the editor: Most of you Brunswickians are well-educated, experienced and full of interests, desires, goals, ambitions and abilities. Here is what we want you to do with all of that.

    First, go to The Brunswick Beacon Web site. Read all of its editorials and articles regarding having a VA hospital in Brunswick County and its veterans series.