• Schools need community support

    To the editor: I’d like to express how grateful Communities in Schools is for the community support reflected through Big Toy Day May 22.

    The smiling faces of the many children and parents were beautiful. Your support for our fundraisers is greatly appreciated. We could not continue to provide services for children and families if not for your generosity.

  • Doesn’t like cited source

    To the editor: The next time the Beacon unabashedly portrays the Civitas poll (May 27 edition) as a reliable, non-partisan source, your reporters could enhance their journalistic credibility by giving readers some background on Civitas.

    The “poll” is a once-removed creation of the John W. Pope Civitas Institute, a conservative “Foundation: On the Right,” although many might say the extreme far- right, including the “Tea Bagger” genus.

  • Voter is frustrated with choices

    To the editor: The 7th Congressional District election is an interesting matchup. It’s one of the few races in the country where we have two Republicans running for the same congressional seat.

    On one hand, we have Mike McIntyre, a registered Democrat, who consistently votes with Republicans on every piece of meaningful legislation.

    On the other hand, we have Ilario Pantano, who just espouses the usual Republican talking points.

  • It’s politics as usual

    To the editor: The political maneuvering by soon-to-be former D.A. Rex Gore and soon-to-be former Sen. R.C. Soles is too disgusting for words suitable to print. The high-handed and blatant disregard for the wellbeing of the people of this district is appalling.

    Thousands of people across this state have lost all their retirement; thousands more work at minimum-wage jobs; thousands more live month-to-month on decreasing Social Security checks; and thousands more are unemployed.

  • Voters have spoken

    To the editor: In your May 13-19 edition of The Brunswick Beacon, you said the sheriff, district attorney and clerk of court races should be nonpartisan.

    You also said it doesn’t make sense that these positions are politically affiliated.

    Well, the citizens of Brunswick County have spoken by way of their votes. Moreover, I don’t believe the law gives regard to one party or the other.

    The candidates won because they received the votes. The sheriff and the district attorney offices are partisan because the people (voters) want it that way.

  • Should have stood in honor

    To the editor: Memorial Day is to a time to honor living and dead military. Such was the celebration on Sunday evening at Holden Beach when the musical group, The Imitations, asked all of the men and women who served in the military to step to the front and stand on stage. The stage was crowded with former military and one young man about to deploy to Afghanistan.

    Nearly everyone stood.

  • Make your voice heard

    To the editor: Last month voters and candidates went to the polls and voted for district attorney for Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus counties.

    Now after the primary and the field of candidates reduced, our Senator R.C Soles Jr. has introduced a bill (Senate Bill 1340) that would split the 13th Prosecutorial District after the election. 

  • Memorial Day poem

    To the editor:

    On Memorial Day when flags are unfurled

    And families are gathered all over the world

    To honor the soldiers that laid down their lives,

    Our brothers, our sisters, our husbands, our wives.

    So freedom could flourish and liberty reign

    A day we should nourish and need never explain.

    Stand proud for the Air Force, the Navy, the Corps

    The Army, the Coast Guard who’ve all gone to war.

    And for all of our soldiers still standing to serve,

  • Understand your job, commissioners

    To the editor: Ahhh, here we go again. I see we have an ordinance the city wishes to ignore conveniently other than one town commissioner (that being newly elected Mary Knight).

    I really could care less about the signs, blinking or not, but the principle here is it is an ordinance.

    I guess I always thought the law was the law and unless there was an amendment, you can’t ignore it or use only when it suits you. 

  • Thanks for acting swiftly, safely

    To the editor: I would like to take the time to thank all of the children, teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends that came to see the dance recital at the Odell Williamson Auditorium for the wonderful way they came out of the auditorium when a fire alarm went off in the middle of a dance.  

    There was no panic; no screams, just a very quiet way to the exits and left. When it was all clear they came back in and the show went on.  

    I am so proud of being part of a great group I wanted all to know about this.