• Speak out about healthcare reform

    To the editor: I have spent the week listening to the radio, watching the news and reading the paper trying to grasp this healthcare reform bill that Congress is pushing, as if it were the greatest reform ever presented.

    I seem to remember last year the huge stimulus package was touted as that exact same thing, and we see where that got us. I took the time recently to contact my congressmen and actually find out what their stances are and voice my opinion.

  • Appalled by commissioners' actions

    To the editor: I cannot believe the town of Calabash would hire someone and not do a background check, especially when town policy dictates so.

    Mr. King’s excuse is they have never done a criminal check on anyone. Ms. Herman knew nothing of this until a reporter told her. What is wrong with this picture? A convenience store employee goes through a more thorough check than this person that is supposed to be running the town.

  • Enough is enough

    To the editor: “We the People” say enough is enough. This unsustainable federal agenda is ludicrous. The stimulus didn’t work; the hope and change isn’t what we were promised; the healthcare plan of the democrats isn’t “choice”; and the media is a criminal source of propaganda in a “free” society.

  • Appreciates flowers in town

    To the editor: Most of the letters to the editor have a negative tone, but I am writing a positive note. Since spring, I have been noticing all the beautiful flowers along Main Street and some of the other streets here in Shallotte.

    The improvement to Rourk Garden is inviting if an individual decides to pause a few minutes to meditate in the gazebo. The noon church bells at Saint James Episcopal Church add so much to the atmosphere.

  • Dismayed at Calabash

    To the editor: I am dismayed at the Town of Calabash and its board of commissioners after reading the article you published. The idea they may keep someone in that position who does not appear to be even close to being qualified, is disheartening.

    I am from S.C. and own a small home here in Supply. I have been looking for a good job in the area for a couple of years now. I applied for that position.

  • Healthcare is an American issue

    To the editor: (This a response to the letter “Healthcare plan is not the answer” submitted by Mr. Edgerton.)

    The healthcare plan submitted by Sen. Burr does nothing to answer the continuing issue of insurance company denial and recession of policyholders. It also does nothing to answer the ongoing issue of denying insurance to those with pre-existing conditions.

    I do not believe there can be a total free market answer to an issue that directly affects the life and potential death of our fellow citizens.

  • Sickened by killing of sharks

    To the editor: I feel bad for the swimmer who was bitten by the shark and wish her a full and speedy recovery. But we must remember that when we go into the ocean, we are entering their world and must be on the lookout.

    Sharks are predators and follow bait and eat it. There’s been plenty of bait near shore this year.

    I’m not a “tree hugger”; I’m a sport fisherman and photographer. I’ve been sickened in the past week by two incidents involving the senseless killing of sharks.

  • Support Selby

    To the editor: I am proud to be from Carolina Shores simply because Mayor Steve Selby has shown his courage and self-control in what was a mockery of our local legislative process and the subject of a vicious personal attack in a special meeting of the board of commissioners. Attendance was so great the meeting had to be recessed and reconvened at the Calabash Firehouse to accommodate the crowd.

    This special meeting was called by commissioners Puls and Dale to replace the recently resigned commissioner Csernecky and to censure Mayor Selby.

  • Healthcare is not a right

    To the editor: Webster defines a right as: “that which a person has a just claim to that belongs to that person by law, nature, or tradition.”

    It has taken about 40 years for the left to, unfortunately, convince most Americans that healthcare is a right.

    I know of no law, including the Constitution, which legislates healthcare as a right. That would leave nature and tradition, which I would argue also, does not apply; however, the argument has already been lost and, correctly or incorrectly, we have been convinced and accepted that healthcare is a right.

  • Remember local farmers markets

    To the editor: I was pleased to see the article by Norm Harding regarding local farmers markets. However, he mentioned two farm markets in our area and did not mention the two farmers markets. There are two markets in Brunswick County: Shallotte and Southport.

    By definition a Farmers Market is a building, structure or place used by two or more farmers for direct sale of farm and food products. The Shallotte Farmers Market, at the corner of Main Street and Whiteville Road, is a produce and craft [market] with all items for sale either grown or made within 100 miles of Shallotte.