• Impact of this year’s campaigning

    To the editor:

    The impact of this past election of 2010 goes far deeper than which party controls the House or the Senate. 

    The incivility and tone of the campaign reached a disturbingly new low in American politics. This was evident not only in the advertising but also in many candidate debates and forums and in the public discourse. We were overwhelmed by millions of dollars in negative ads without knowing who paid for many of them.

  • Thanks for info about bridge cost

    To the editor:

    Regarding the Sunset Beach park site appraisals: According to the second appraisal company, “a sales comparison approach and discounted cash flow will yield the most credible value opinion,” and “no comparable acreage tracts have been sold in the previous three years.” 

    No surprise there, given the economy.

  • What about Sunset Beach parking?

    To the editor:

    Along with the discussion and time invested about whether land should be purchased for a future park site, there seems to be total silence about the lack of parking at Sunset Beach.

    A question that needs to be answered is which project should have priority serving the needs of vacationers and residents.

  • Upset about town’s flag display

    To the editor:

    I am the wife of a veteran. I am disturbed about how Holden Beach Town Hall hung its flag on Veterans Day.

    Our American flag is hung at full-staff on Veterans Day because many veterans are still alive.

    Our American flag is hung at half-staff on Memorial Day because then it is honoring our dead veterans.

    The American flag is at full-staff at all times except when to honor someone that has died.

    Please publish this for all our sake (those that don’t know) and especially Holden Beach Town Hall.

  • Know proper flag etiquette

    To the editor:

    Holden Beach recently displayed the American flag at town hall on Veterans Day at half-staff. 

    Some will argue the town’s intentions were to honor veterans. I would argue the town disrespected the flag and created undue stress to citizens who understand the historical significance of “half-staffing” the flag. 

    As per the United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, the flag is flown at half-staff on Memorial Day (not Veterans Day) and until noon only. 

  • Where was event traffic control?

    To the editor:

    I have noticed there was no traffic control on Holden Beach during the Festival by the Sea event. 

    I did see several officers making sure cars could not access Jordan Boulevard, while one block away at the intersection of Holden Beach and Ocean Boulevard. there was traffic backed up in two directions. 

    It seems an officer at that intersection could help move traffic in a much safer manner. 

  • Holden Beach is great place to live

    To the editor:

    Recently, the Festival by the Sea took place at Holden Beach, and what a pleasure that the weather cooperated beautifully. Also that weekend was the annual King Mackerel Fishing Tournament sponsored by Paradise Café owner Chris Politis. With a winning check of $1,000, quite a few local fishermen entered the tournament, including myself. 

  • Community icon will be missed

    To the editor:

    A friend to many on Ocean Isle Beach passed away on Nov. 5.

    We knew him fondly as Capt. Howie. He was a treasured iconoclast at Sharkey’s Restaurant. His almost everyday presence could be counted on to provide a friendly atmosphere and lively conversation. 

  • A great candidate was defeated

    To the editor:

    Congratulations, Mike. You beat a guy I truly believe could be president of the United States. A guy who is a true American war hero and a guy that I hope has made you a better U.S. congressman. 

    Mike, I attended the Brunswick County debate between you two and I heard Ilario Pantano respond to your opening remarks by saying something like, “Mike, if you really believe what you just said, you, too, should cast your vote for me.” 

  • Construction timing was bad planning

    To the editor:

    I wonder whose bright idea it was to have road construction on Stanbury Road on Tuesday...Election Day?  Resurfacing on the road to the voting polls was not too bright. I for one was not inconvenienced because we did early voting, but many others were, and I wonder how many just left and didn’t bother?  

    Carol Lipert