• Watts will not run for re-election

    To the editor: I wanted to share that I will not be filing for re-election to the Sunset Beach Town Council this fall. I encourage those interested in helping to guide our town to consider filing for the position this month.

  • Inspired by father's story

    To the editor: Your article in last week’s paper titled “A father’s love” should be inspiring to us all.

    In picture and in print your staff writer, Sarah Shew Wilson, has captured the sense of dedication that we would all hope for if we were in his situation. Buster’s unconditional love, his dedication and his integrity represent the very best of the human condition.

    We could all learn from Mr. Gillis. I know I did.


  • Stand up for the Lord

    To the editor: According to some experts, a pattern is emerging reminiscent of Jewish persecution in post-war Germany.

  • Benefits of Bible reading

    To the editor: I have recently visited and/or communicated with many of my former classmates. Most of them are not Christians, and none of them are reading the Bible.

    Without trying to find out for themselves, they have decided it is useless to read the Bible. They have heard many people say many contradictory things about what the Bible says. They feel there is no point in trying to read a book that can be interpreted in so many ways.

  • Thanks for local arrests

    To the editor: I would like to thank the sheriff of Brunswick County and his department for an outstanding job this past week in successfully closing down local prostitution and illegal massage in our area.

    As an N.C. licensed and nationally certified massage and bodywork therapist now in the 11th year of my career, it means a lot to my colleagues and I that this is finally being addressed in earnest.

  • Thanks for town contest

    Letter to the editor: This past week, the town of Calabash has put our quaint town in a first-time beautification contest.

    I would like to thank them and Atlantic Elite Crete for taking the busiest time of the year to help with their skills to quantify the neighbors of Calabash.

    This is another good thing for our town to be proud of.

  • More on gun rights

    To the editor: I understand opinion is not fact and am glad of it.

    Mr. Heidtke claims during Thomas Jefferson’s time, the only folks that had guns were “soldiers and wealthy landowners who could afford them.”

    Most historical accounts I am familiar with disagree with that statement. Most households contained at least one firearm. They were used to procure food and for protection. In fact, in some colonies, it was a law each adult male must carry a firearm to church.

  • Thanks for help with BFA event

    To the editor: The second annual Brunswick Family Assistance golf tournament was played at the Sea Trail Maples course on Saturday, June 6, and was a roaring success.

    For 28 years, BFA has supported the many needy families in Brunswick County with food, shelter, clothing, etc. to assist them during these difficult times. This year will be even more demanding as BFA will serve approximately 19,400 individuals and 6,800 households, while distributing more than 360,000 pounds of food.

  • Thanks from Myrie family

    To the editor: We the family would like to thank everyone who reached out to us after the passing of our beloved Gladys Myrie.

    The outpouring of kind words, flowers, food and other gifts was so overwhelming that personally thanking everyone for each kind gesture would be almost impossible. Your kindness and generosity during this very trying time helped us as we tried to cope with this drastic change in our lives.

  • Enjoys newspaper’s content

    To the editor: When the big newspapers, like those owned by McClatchy, are faltering all around us, it’s refreshing to see a small community newspaper thrive.

    I was at Oak Island a few weeks ago and was completely fascinated by all the local news you cover in your paper. It is packed with interesting information about your town’s people, your community issues and your activities.

    I had such a good time reading it I had to share.