• Supports MacCallum

    To the editor:

    I am writing in support of Jim MacCallum for Clerk of Superior Court. As a resident of Brunswick County, I feel we need a person who will bring to the office the management and administrative skills necessary to handle the ever-growing caseload.

    Jim has practiced law for more than 33 years, and during those years, he has been an effective leader and manager.

  • Will vote for Patterson

    To the editor:

    I’m 24 years old and I’ve never voted in an election before. I’ve never been excited about anyone who was running and most politicians I see on TV are out of touch with how I feel.

  • Supports Tristan Patterson

    To the editor:

    I would like to express my feelings about the upcoming election involving Dewey Hill and Tristan Patterson.

    This will be my first time ever voting. In the past, no one inspired me enough to want to vote and, honestly, I didn’t feel like my vote would change the outcome of the election anyway.

    However, Tristan Patterson has changed my view on voting entirely. When I met him, my first impression was, “Wow, this is someone who will change our district for the better.”

  • Residents got sucker punched

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach got the proverbial sucker punch when the town council did a “do-over” and reneged
    on saving the entire pontoon bridge.

  • Make final arrangements in advance

    To the editor:

    Sometimes families call Brunswick Family Assistance, churches and other organizations seeking help to pay for funeral expenses. I am writing to address the need to make final arrangements in advance. There are no provisions in our county for indigent funerals, except in the case of an unclaimed body.

  • Will vote for Pantano

    To the editor:

    I disagree with last week’s letter, “Vote With Your Head,” declaring that Lt. Pantano’s alleged murder of two suspected Iraqi terrorists was not adjudicated and guilt or innocence not established.

    According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, an Article 32 hearing “is a judicial proceeding and plays a necessary role in military due process of law. It is a thorough and impartial investigation of all charges; an inquiry as to the truth of the matter set forth in the charges.”

  • Impression wasn’t correct

    To the letter:

    I apologize to Corvette owners for your being given an incorrect impression of what I said.

    Fortunately, e-mail messages provide documentation. I wrote: “Possibly Corvettes are toys of retirees who moved here from the North. When the council decides whether or not Corvettes should go first, please consider the feelings of the average Brunswick County native.”

  • Vote with your head

    To the editor:

    We are entitled to our personal opinions, but not to our personal facts. Mr. Pantano was not determined “not guilty.” His case was not adjudicated; therefore, guilt or innocence was not decided. Whether or not Mr. Pantano is guilty of the war crime alleged or not is now a matter of personal opinion. There was no closure to the matter. When you vote with your head, it is necessary that you are conversant with the facts.

    Carol A. Weaver

  • Thanks for support

    To the editor:

    We the children of Ralph Varnam want to thank 132 people for coming to his 87th birthday party at Dixon Chapel Methodist Church on Sept. 11. It made his day. He received lots of birthday cards, gifts and phone calls. Ralph is a World War II Navy veteran.

    Karen V. Harris

    Oak Island

    Howard Varnam

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Help Kellie Gore

    To the editor:

    Please help Kellie Gore and her family if you can. I work in the building right beside her house that faces the causeway. We have heard the water pumps run non-stop since Monday. She is trying to keep her head up, but you know as well as I do that it is so stressful for her and the family. She has two young children, and my heart goes out to them as well.