• Insurance rates are too high

    To the editor: I have lived more than 20 miles from the coast since 1978 and have never had a weather-related damage claim on my property insurance, yet my premiums have tripled.

    The last claim I had was on property in Wingate (Union County).

    We are getting increases, and the western counties are getting reductions. Hugo went there and not here.

    Our representatives are trying, but nothing will help until we property owners get involved. We need to write and call to get the news media involved. There are 13 coastal counties involved.

  • Who are you, Tiger?

    To the editor: Please tell me it isn’t true, Tiger; or better still tell me who you really are?

    It seems I don’t know the person. He is one who has seemingly a bottomless pit of talent, a beautiful wife and kids, a never-ending lake of money, and is a gentle person, who adults look upon as “simply amazing.”

  • Needs North Carolina items

    To the editor: Each member of our class is working on a project called Parade of States. We are responsible for gathering as much information as we can. I have North Carolina for my state.

    If any of your readers would help me out by sending any pictures, postcards, used license plates, facts or products from your state, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Socialism is not the answer

    To the editor: The book “The Road to Serfdom” by Frederick Hayek is a primer on the socialist world into which we are plunging.

    With the takeover of healthcare by the government, our descent into a government-controlled plantation begins.

  • Wrong assumptions about cat

    To the editor: (In response to L. Hiester of OIB letter.) Is your glass always half empty, never half full? Felines do not deposit waste in driveways; they cover their feces and their urine. Many cats, including Bob, cohabitate with the avian population. Cats kill to eat, unlike humans.

    Nothing ever entered my door without being neutered (with the exception of my husband and our sons).

  • Bob was a good neighbor

    To the editor: New to the neighborhood, I was walking my Labrador retriever Sasha by the house next door when I saw a beautiful Siamese cat. Instead of bolting, the cat sat quietly assessing us.

    Later, I met the Hardings. I was invited into their backyard for a cold drink. I saw the Siamese lying close by, quietly watching birds on a feeder. Our eyes met, and I swear the cat seemed to say, “Hi, I’m Bob. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

  • Do you know history?

    To the editor: Mr. Donnelly [in his recent letter] proves he either does not know his history or does not understand it.

    The U.S. fought in Korea and withdrew without victory. The U.S. fought in Vietnam and withdrew without victory.

    President Bush claimed victory when there was none. Eight years after starting a war that has been proven to be without a basis, the U.S. is still engaged but will withdraw without victory.

  • Pill abuse on the rise

    To the editor: Prescription pain pill abuse is on the rise, and more and more we are hearing about people becoming addicted to medicine that was prescribed for pain.

    Pill addiction is growing like a brush fire in Brunswick County. It doesn’t help matters that Hollywood has made it almost glamorous to take these pills, not to mention doctors doling out prescriptions like candy.

  • Fire department says thanks

    To the editor: Grissettown Longwood Fire & Rescue would like to thank the community for its support in 2009. We are looking forward to serving the community needs in 2010.

    We also are looking for any unwanted or discarded vehicles, farm equipment, big trucks and trailers for training props in classes we will have in 2010. These training props will serve our fire department and other fire departments in the county.

  • This is for all the global warming believers

    To the editor: I am not a scientist, just a logical thinker, however, I do rely on what scientists have said in decades before we ever coined the phrase global warming.

    I want to you to ask yourselves something, a simple question and then answer it with a logical answer. Ten thousand years ago we ‘supposedly’ had mammoth glaciers covering most of North America and elsewhere. Answer me this, where did they go?

    There were no people to speak of, no industrialized nations, etc. They just simply went away, part of the continuing cycle of the Earth.