• Doesn’t want Harley event here

    To the editor:

    I urge the Shallotte mayor and alderman to reject the request by Rick Noyes, owner of the new Coastal Harley-Davidson dealership, for a permit to conduct a weeklong grand opening event.

    Mr. Noyes’ proposal to the Carolinas Harley-Davidson Dealers Association to conduct a weeklong rally in May was rejected in favor of New Bern. This makes sense because New Bern, unlike Shallotte, has a more extensive infrastructure to support the large number of anticipated motorcyclists.

  • Speak out about childcare

    To the editor:

    My grandson has attended a local daycare facility for nearly seven months. As requested, I provided the facility with a two-week notice of intent to remove him from the facility; however, during an unpleasurable phone conversation with the owner, I revealed why he was leaving but did not satisfy her thirst—where was he going?

    Several hours later, a phone conversation with the owner indirectly instructed me not to bring my grandson back to the facility because of my dissatisfaction with the services he was receiving.

  • Looking for old photographs

    To the editor: To all local residents: If you have any photographs from the pre-1800s, and particularly plantation homes, rice fields, slaves or other photographs depicting the Civil War era and would like to have them considered for inclusion in a book about plantations and slaves, please submit them to me at www.bsar@2khiway.net or call 842-7942.

    This is a book on the history of southeastern North Carolina, including Brunswick, New Hanover, Bladen and Pender counties and surrounding areas. The due date is March 20.

  • Hats off to Carol Scott

    To the editor:

    Hats off to Carol Scott, a concerned citizen, with spunk and commitment.

    Some people just “talk the talk”; she, instead, “walks the walk.” Her stick-to-it efforts in pursuing a resident petition for a 30-year sewer payback plan may, in fact, bear fruit for the benefit of Sunset Beach residents.

    Her attitude is truly reflective of “action” rather than just “reaction.” She is proof of the old adage: “Do something and something happens. Do nothing and nothing happens.”

  • Calabash business district needs changes

    To the editor:

    Before everyone condemns the Calabash UDO, it might be a good idea to take a walk around Calabash, from the dust bowl across from Granny Allyn’s caused by parked trucks (which happens to be one of the entrances tourists see when entering Calabash) to the parking lot of concrete barricades strewn about the empty lot on N.C. 179 among overgrown weeds.

    One will also find signs that are faded, missing letters and in general in need of maintenance.

  • Shallotte not right for rally

    To the editor: Although your editorial supporting the Harley-Davidson rally as being an economic boost to the area makes several good points, I strongly feel there are too many other factors that would make the rally bad for the area.

    I too have seen how inundated with bikers an area becomes when I once worked in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Granted, the bikers were a nice and interesting mixture of people, but even then (1999) the sheer numbers of them strained MB to its limits.

  • Do officials really care?

    To the editor: This week, I sent an e-mail to Sen. Kay Hagan regarding an individual problem I was having with a U.S. Government agency. I was seeking her assistance.

    What I got back was a computer-generated form letter thanking me sharing my thoughts and opinions.

    This reaffirms my fear our elected officials do not represent the people whom they are supposed to. Your individual calls will fall on deaf ears. If you don’t believe me, e-mail her and see if you too don’t just get a cold, non-caring form letter back.

  • An open letter to commissioners

    To the editor: On Monday, March 2, I attended a county commissioners’ meeting at the urging of a friend to see what our elected officials were doing and possibly become active in our community politics.

    I was immediately disappointed by the following debacle.

    At the start of the meeting, we had the opportunity to see the recognition of the highest award in Boy Scouting, that of Eagle Scout, given to a young man from Brunswick County.

  • Systematically destroying America

    To the editor: President Obama and his Democrat henchmen in Congress and the media have been systematically destroying America since coming to office.

    They have personally destroyed the hotel and tourist industry, costing thousands of jobs with their demonization of business conferences, while turning a blind eye and silent voice to the AFL-CIO convention at a luxury hotel in Miami this week.

    They are destroying the banking and the insurance industry with unrealistic accounting rules—mark to market.

  • Object to healthcare changes

    To the editor: President Obama has declared a healthcare crisis and demanded action right away. He has said all options are on the table.

    The Congressional Budget Office has prepared Budget Options Vol. 1: Health Care. Three of these options would hit military families and retirees quite hard.

    Option 96 would increase the costs for military retirees older than 65 by up to $2,888 per enrollee ($5,776 per couple), and would start co-pays for services and pharmaceuticals at military treatment facilities. For some, this is three to six months of retirement pay.