• Who is behind healthcare bus?

    To the editor: In interest of transparency and full-disclosure, your piece on the healthcare rally at Rourk Gardens could use a little fleshing-out.

    Like dozens of similar “spontaneous” gatherings of “grassroots” organizations intent on blocking desperately needed healthcare reform, the driver behind the wheel of the Americans for Prosperity bus that rolled into Shallotte is a guy named Tim Phillips.

  • Puppy mill bill ignored

    To the editor: The N.C. puppy mill bill has again been ignored. I am disappointed in N.C.’s legislators. Elected officials are more interested in organizations with lobbying efforts (NRA/AKC) than the interest of voters.

    The taxpayers of N.C. will pay for the cleanup of these mills. The breeder will make money by selling puppies. The puppy mill dogs will continue to live a life confined, without basic care until they can no longer produce puppies. Then, they will be taken to your local animal control, where you–the taxpayer—will pay to euthanize them.

  • Talk about issues, successes

    To the editor: This is in response to Jean Crowley’s letter regarding Mayor Selby and about discord in Carolina Shores.

    Ms. Crowley worked for the town for 42 months, 17 of them with Mayor Selby. She did not work with him for three and a half years. The implication she did is a good example of the misinformation circulating in Carolina Shores.

    After observing the disharmony in our town, I ask this of elected officials and candidates for office:

  • Rural residents should be concerned

    To the editor: Those of us that choose to live out of city limits or out of gated communities do it for different reasons. One common bond is peace and quiet.

    My wife chose the four acres we live on for the many species of wildlife we encounter and being able to take our golf cart and kayak trailer through the woods without navigating numbers of weekend pleasure cruisers.

    We are avid stargazers, but that may soon end.

    Being out in the country has its disadvantages. We are now challenged by a developer that has bought 60-plus acres

  • An idea for driver's licenses

    To the editor: Please sponsor a new law (bill or amendment) that would require that information be put in the barcode of driver’s licenses. That would show if someone has received a DWI, DUI or public intoxication or any alcohol/illegal drug-related offense.

    It would require bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, liquor stores, etc. to scan the barcode on the driver’s license. If a person had a DWI, DUI, etc. then they could not serve them alcohol. They would be unable to buy alcohol at a liquor store.

  • Don't pass the blame

    To the editor: I am sick of commissioners DiStasio and Herman’s constant disregarding the rules and procedures of this town.

  • Roll back your trash cans

    To the editor: This is for Peggy Smith, an island resident of Sunset Beach and is in response to her letter to the editor in the July 23 edition of the Beacon.

    1. The rental owners or the renters should pay for the rollbacks as she suggested.

    2. The homeowners who do not rent should either arrange to have one of their neighbors or friends roll out and return their garbage cans on collection day. If they do not have neighbors or friends willing to do this, they should pay someone to do it or take their garbage home with them.

  • Passing the buck

    To the editor With all due respect to commissioner Emily DiStasio and commissioner Cecelia Herman, they can spin the events of the hiring of the town administrator any way they want, but I think the people of Calabash are intelligent enough to figure it out for themselves.

    Blaming others and pointing fingers is the usual way in politics these days, but I think people in general are starting to see through this.

  • Writer hit a home run

    To the editor: Put Fran Salone-Pelletier on the sports page. She had hit a home run her last two trips to the plate.

    I’m a big fan.

  • Thanks for helping with benefit

    To the editor: On behalf of Sabrina, Bruce Talbott Sr. and Bruce Talbott Jr., I would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for the tremendous support the community gave for Sabrina’s fundraiser.

    Simply put, it was heart-warming. I am truly proud to call this place home. The people and companies are many that made this great day possible.

    First and foremost officer Andy Kelly of the Shallotte Police Department who birthed the idea and provided so much food. Andy, you are a blessing to Shallotte and we will never forget your kindness.