• To the editor: In his letter to the editor recently, Don Hege made quite a few statements and accusations that are clearly more fabrication than fact.

    He states: “There is no doubt by now who thinks they run this town” (referring to Calabash)…with a 3-2 vote on every issue.

  • Co-op helps with food supplies

    To the editor: Surely, it is the perception of the thing. There’s no other reason why everyone in Brunswick County, including you, is not taking advantage of the tremendous value offered by the Angel Food Co-op. It’s not like the food is free; it’s not a handout thing.

    In exchange for the time it takes to place and purchase your order, it may feel like you’re swallowing a little bit of your pride—I guess. But for just $30, you do get almost $65 worth of food a month and you can do that every month. There is no catch.

  • City hurt by rally cut

    To the editor: In these dire economic times, can any municipality afford to scale back the amount of tourist dollars coming into their community? This is what the city of Myrtle Beach, S.C., is doing.

    Personally, I do not have a problem with any of the ordinances that have been enacted. A responsible rider will not be inconvenienced too much by these new ordinances. Local, taxpaying businesses, many who depend on these tourist dollars, will be inconvenienced. What the city council has done is put the police department right in the middle.

  • Say thank you to social workers

    To the editor: As you may know, March is National Professional Social Work Month, which provides an opportunity to express appreciation for the many ways that social workers help our community’s most vulnerable members.

    For more than 100 years, these individuals have addressed society’s problems and inadequacies with their own remarkable blend of compassion, knowledge and expertise.

  • Making eye contact in business

    To the editor: Before I begin my diatribe (let’s call this a “soft” rant), may I begin by pointing out a plus? On the plus side, our community is blessed having many capable and honest people who provide needed services.

    Plumbers, electricians, carpenters and a variety of maintenance people are just a phone call away when needed.

    In many cases, when that need arises, it is an emergency, but I have noticed something recently that bothers me. Let’s call it the “they can’t look me in the eye” syndrome.

  • Maritime Museum needs your support

    To the editor:

    I know change is the key to our current economic crisis. Change makes us clean our houses and start over, but as an owner of a house, the things we keep are antiques with value, family pictures and family treasures and heirlooms.

    For Southport, those items are kept in the Maritime Museum.

  • VAC speaks out about town issues

    To the editor:

    Regarding the letter of Gere Dale commenting on Bill Brennan and Walter Goodenough, please be aware of the following:

    Perhaps, Mr. Dale, The Village At Calabash (VAC) now comprises only 15 percent of Carolina Shores, that was not the case when we were involuntarily annexed back in 2003.

  • WAVES4K.I.D.S. needs mentors

    To the editor:

    For most of my adult life, I have been an advocate for children. Now, as the newly elected president of WAVES4K.I.D.S., I am making an appeal to those of you who share my concerns for the future of our foster youth to become a trained WAVES4K.I.D.S mentor.

    National statistics show only two out of 10 foster youth have any degree of success once they age out of the system and lose the support and services that have been provided by the state.

  • Responds to Carolina Shores letter

    To the editor: I seldom respond to a letter to the editor, but the letter from Carolina Shores resident Bill Brennan contained a number of factual errors as well as omissions of facts. I am compelled therefore to respond.

    At the town meeting to which Brennan refers, I did not “chastise the residents of the Village of Calabash development,” but my remarks were directed solely to Brennan and close associate Goodenough.

  • Letter to elected officials

    To the editor:

    I am writing to let you know I strongly oppose the new insurance ruling that will allow insurance companies to increase coastal insurance rates by nearly 30 percent. To even consider such a huge increase is outrageous, especially when you consider their stated reason: “We are due for a huge devastating hurricane on the N.C. coast and if we have a storm of such magnitude, it will virtually wipe out all the insurance company financial reserves.”