• Carolina Shores is at it again

    To the editor: When we moved to the town of Calabash in 1996, we were introduced to an ongoing battle between the commissioners representing Calabash and the commissioners representing the subdivision of Carolina Shores, which was then within the town of Calabash.

    From what we read and heard, it boiled down to several issues, including the feeling of Calabash resident commissioners that the Carolina Shores commissioners felt they had the correct answers, mental superiority and many issues were being forced upon them.

  • What’s wrong with this picture?

    To the editor: How fortunate we are here in Brunswick County to have food banks.

    As I was driving by Camp United Methodist Church on Saturday morning, I was explaining to my niece why all the cars were in their parking lot and how wonderful the members and community are to contribute to the needy.

    She then asked the question: “If they are in need of food, why are so many smoking? How can they afford to smoke and cannot buy food?”

    What is wrong with this picture?

  • Suggestions for the Beacon

    To the editor: What you need to do is have a Home Depot Jim Horn Hanging Bucket and Basket Contest. One is currently hanging up in the Garden Section of the Shallotte Home Depot store right down the street from you.

    Take a picture of a Home Depot associate wearing their apron next to Jim Bradshaw, economic development director, under the hanging bucket currently with tomatoes and cucumbers growing in it. You could even have Brunswick Beacon hanging buckets and baskets contest.

  • Gas prices are too high

    To the editor: I have just returned from traveling across the northern part of the state. I found the cost of gasoline remained the highest in southeastern North Carolina. We’re talking about 20-30 cents per gallon. For example, the cost in Hickory was $2.09 per gallon.

    After having experienced this in the past, I am convinced it is the distributor(s) in this area that are to blame, not “Big Oil.”


  • Learn about hospice benefits

    To the editor: Let’s say you are living the last months of your life, and you win the lottery. Only nobody tells you. The prize money, and all you could do with it in these months, goes untouched. Would you be upset?

    Medicare is a benefit we all pay into—like buying a lottery ticket. One of the prizes few ask about is the Medicare hospice benefit. What do you win? You get everything you need to make your last months the best. All the support you need to improve your quality of life—medicines, equipment, nursing care, and supportive care for your family.

  • Support healthcare reform

    To the editor: While it is encouraging Senate and House committees are beginning to seriously consider healthcare reform legislation, it is critical Congress takes action and passes real healthcare reform in the next few months.

    America is facing a healthcare crisis caused by a combination of skyrocketing costs and an insurance system that leaves 47 million people without coverage.

    The current healthcare system is endangering our economy and health, and voters have made it clear they want change.

  • Invited to Patients First Rally

    To the editor: All Brunswick County residents are invited to attend a Patients First Rally in Shallotte at 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, at Rourk Gardens next to Duffer’s restaurant, Tripps Jewelry and across the street from Jerome’s, 4912 Main St., Shallotte.

  • President works for the people

    To the editor: It has been six months since President Obama took office. Many are impatient, forgetting it took eight years to get us into this mess.

    The Republicans are suddenly “fiscal conservatives” and claim they don't want to “mortgage their children’s future.” These are the same folks who never questioned the $10 billion a month we poured into Iraq to no end. Where was that “fiscal conservatism” then?

  • Are you blameless?

    To the editor: Job 1:1: “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil (shunned to avoid deliberately and especially habitually). Job was blameless but not sinless. He needed a Savior as we all do. Job asked that God would cover his iniquity Job.”

  • Speak out about healthcare reform

    To the editor: I have spent the week listening to the radio, watching the news and reading the paper trying to grasp this healthcare reform bill that Congress is pushing, as if it were the greatest reform ever presented.

    I seem to remember last year the huge stimulus package was touted as that exact same thing, and we see where that got us. I took the time recently to contact my congressmen and actually find out what their stances are and voice my opinion.