• Reader shocked by town meeting

    To the editor: As former mayor of Holden Beach, I have tried to attend all meetings of the board of commissioners because I am still very much interested in the welfare of Holden Beach and its citizens.

    However, the meeting on Tuesday, April 22, left me stunned. The new board engaged in a “house cleaning” that involved tossing out practically all members of each of the town’s committees and replacing them with their own pre-approved people who think like them and won’t rock the boat.

  • Disappointed in town meeting

    To the editor: I left our town meeting last night (April 22) very disappointed. Our mayor monopolized the meeting.

    Only one commissioner had the nerve to give an opinion and he was “cut off at the pass.”

    The other four commissioners seemed to have no opinions or were just waiting for the mayor to tell them what to vote on. It is a shame our government on our small island appears to be run by only one man.

    Now I am wondering why we voted and elected the five extra people.

  • Are these reasons to like Obama?

    To the editor: Yes, this marvelous man (Obama) wants to change America, but change to what? Here are a few of his 100 proposals:

    1) He is going to let the 2001 tax reduction package expire, bringing with it the largest tax increase in American history and help push America further into a recession.

    This raises the federal income tax on a single person making $30,000 an additional $3,900, or a married family of four an additional $7,800.

    Can you afford $325 or $650 less take-home pay each month?

  • POA prefers separate district

    To the editor: On April 1, the Carolina Shores board of commissioners adopted a resolution to amend the town’s charter by adopting an ordinance to eliminate District 1 as a separate district.

    They are having a meeting at 6 p.m. on May 5 in town hall at 200 Persimmon Road for public comment.

  • Hewett deserves more than a slap on the wrist

    To the editor: I believe the writer of the letter about Ronald Hewett deserving a slap on the wrist has it wrong.

    He is suggesting we should have a lower standard for public officials, in particular law enforcement officials, than normal citizens. That trend has been set by the entertainment industry, in particular professional sports.

    However, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Sunset sewer distortion

    To the editor: Not long ago, Mayor Ron Klein and council members, led by Len Steiner and former member Carl Bazemore, led the push to mandate every citizen be forced to connect to the new sewer system.

    Unfortunately, council members Bobinski and DeVita followed the blind wisdom of their Sea Trail golf partners.

    This mandate would have caused serious financial hardship for many retirees and working class citizens.

  • Supports McCrory for governor

    To the editor: I am a resident of Brunswick County and former resident of the Charlotte area.

    I have known Pat McCrory for more than 20 years. I saw firsthand the leadership he provided as the mayor of Charlotte for more than 13 years, having been re-elected seven times.

    Pat’s leadership in areas such as crime control, transportation and planning has been recognized by both Republicans and Democrats in Charlotte.

    Pat wants to take his leadership experience to Raleigh and change the culture of state government.

  • Readers respond to Darby's last column

    The heading of Michael Darby’s column on April 17 was "Providing assistance to those in need is compassion, not socialism.”

    I would agree with that; however, when the government provides that assistance, it is by definition socialism.

    It may come as a surprise to many in our country, but the government does not give a dollar to someone without first taking that dollar from someone else. That is redistribution of wealth, which is socialism.

  • Collectivism is the proper term

    To the editor: Micheal Darby’s last column raises some interesting questions.

    Defining isms today seems to be a game of “gotcha” and makes little sense.

    Michael says, “Believing in needed government assistance doesn’t make a person a socialist.” Needed is an interesting word there. Who gets to decide what’s needed—the recipient or the source of the largess?

  • Rental costs are skyrocketing

    To the editor: We started visiting and renting homes two and three times a year at Holden Beach almost a dozen years ago and have watched as rentals prices, taxes and fees have skyrocketed to the point where we thought twice about renting anything this year.

    I am curious to know if the huge jump in rental fees and other fees has caused a decline in seasonal rentals on Holden?

    The taxes have become outrageous and that, along with the so-called trip insurance, can nearly double the cost of a rental.