• Needs help

    To the editor: My daughter and I were involved in a hit-and-run on Friday, Feb 8, at about 8:45 a.m. at Red Bug Road and N.C. 130.

    I was headed toward Shallotte. Upon approaching Red Bug Road, a late ’80s or early ’90s light blue Lincoln Town Car ran the stop sign, hitting me on the front driver’s side. There may be damage to the other driver’s car doors. My car is a black 2006 Volkswagen Jetta. There may be black paint on the other car.

  • Hartnett not closed-minded

    To the editor: After reading Stacey Manning’s editorial in the Jan. 24 issue of the Brunswick Beacon, I wonder who has the "closed mind."

    She states in the article: “It’s surely a shame that a local official has such a closed-minded opinion. Mr. Hartnett, as a member of P&Z board, should not openly reject changes or new ideas.”

    I question whether she contacted Mr. Hartnett personally to clarify his quote and opinion on the matter. I talked to him recently and he denies ever having been contacted by Ms. Manning.

  • Was cemetery abandoned?

    To the editor:I see our county commissioners voted not to allow a developer to relocate an abandoned cemetery found behind Belville Elementary School.

    My comments here are not to address the merits of relocating the cemetery.

    My concern is the supposition the cemetery has been abandoned. Abandoned by whom? I understand the occupants are still home, in body at least.

    If the cemetery had been abandoned, I would expect the developers would have found no residents at home.

  • Many thanks to responders

    To the editor: I am currently serving in Iraq with KBR supporting the U.S. military as a paramedic stationed on Korean Village near Rutbah, Iraq.

    On Feb. 10, a call for help was made because there was a woods fire in Ash.

    My home was at risk of being involved if it were not for the quick response of the local volunteer fire departments and the N.C. Forestry Service.

    My wife called me in a state of panic due because she could see the fire coming and there was nothing she could do about it.

  • Residents want St. James center

    To the editor: Much misinformation exists about the level of support for a community center in St. James.

    Opponents contend a majority of residents oppose the center. Little evidence supports this notion.

    A history of the interest in a center will demonstrate the level of support.

    First, interest in a community center was expressed in 2000 through a petition signed by half the residents expressing a wish for one.

    The 2006 St. James Comprehensive Plan determined a “desire for a community center” was the second most important inside-the-gate issue.

  • Enough sheriff letters already

    To the editor: Enough letters regarding the sheriff situation. I am upset this newspaper printed a letter from an unruly woman.

    All elected officials, and I mean all, live in glass houses and they cannot move without being looked at. None of us are perfect.

    Our sheriff and his staff work diligently and constantly to safely protect each and every one of us. My family and I thank him very much and we want him to continue.

    That is why we live here.

  • Defeatist attitude is the problem

    To the editor:

    Yes, the 2008 presidential election, most notably the Democratic primaries, have “captured the imagination of America,” prompting more people to get involved in the process than ever before by watching, listening, volunteering, voting and even writing letters to the editor.

  • Sheriff letter hit nail on the head

    To the editor:

    I applaud Jacqueline DeGroot for her letter in the Beacon on the circus concerning Sheriff Hewett.

    My feelings on this matter are exactly the same. I have known Sheriff Hewett for a very long time and know he and his family are fine upstanding citizens of this county.

    He has done, and continues to do, his job to the very best of his abilities in spite of everything.

    I know and firmly believe wholeheartedly there is not another individual who is better qualified as the sheriff of Brunswick County.

  • DeGroot letter was rude, wrong

    I would like to weigh in on the attitude of Jaqueline DeGroot over the letter she wrote regarding the state and countys seriousness of [the investigation into] Ronald Hewett.

    I dont know Mr. Hewett personally or professionally, but I am a citizen of Brunswick County, a true southern belle, and I am speaking from experience as my grandfather was a sheriff deputy one rank below sheriff status for 32 years for Lee County. My mom retired from the department of corrections.

  • Smart Start helps, but more needed

    To the editor:

    Smart Start has been operating in Brunswick County for many years and continues to improve the lives of young children and their families.

    The most significant improvements have been in improving childcare quality and increasing the number of children in high quality care.

    Today, with a great deal of dedication, hard work and statewide collaboration, 57 percent of young children are in high quality care. This reflects a 33 percent increase in the overall level of quality in childcare facilities since 2001.