• Dredging opinion is based on facts

    To the editor:

    Stop the deception!

    Fact: The proposed Sunset Beach Dredging Project comprises nearly 15,000 feet of canals.

    Fact: The original grant application submitted to the state by Sunset Beach Town Council to fund the proposed dredging project stated that the project comprised “maintenance” dredging with no mention of dredging new areas.

    Fact: Nearly one-third of the proposed project is for never-before dredged canals.

    Fact: Council has yet to ask taxpayers if they are willing to pay to dredge this new area.

  • Does Jesus know you?

    To the editor:

  • President’s W.Va. visit smacks of ‘Smackdown’

    To the editor:

    President Trump recently revisited the friendly confines of West Virginia. It was very reminiscent of seeing him at WWE events beating down Vince McMahon a few years back, with his loyal fans bowing to him and shouting “lock her up.”

  • Clarifying Waterfront Market transition

    To the editor:

    Regarding the story published in the Aug. 3 edition, the idea for the Sunset Beach Waterfront Market was presented to the Sunset Beach Business and Merchants Association, of which I was a member, in the summer of 2015 after much work and research.

    The market began under the umbrella of SBBMA and was managed weekly for a long and short season by four women who later formed the Waterfront Markets LLC. During this time all proceeds were given to support the promotion of the town of Sunset Beach and its member merchants through SBBMA.

  • Sunset Beach needs to revise park use permits

    To the editor:

    The Waterfront Market in Sunset Beach Town Park is very popular and people like it. However, the park is public property for which taxpayers paid more than a million dollars.

    If the town were to rent the park out every day of the week for a once-a-year $25 permit payment, I don’t think people will think that’s a good idea. There’s certainly a good chance we are headed in that direction.

  • Pray for an end to opiate addiction

    To the editor:

    There is a serious opiate addiction crisis facing our state, and personally our county, creating more crime, homelessness, overpopulated institutions and the list goes on. Authorities across the nation have expressed deepest concern over the spread of addiction that is crippling our nation. This trend touches all demographics and all corners of society, with the nation’s death rate from opioid overdoses now surpassing total deaths from homicides and car accidents combined.

  • Sunset Lakes deserves share of tax dollars

    Editor’s note: The writer is a candidate for Sunset Beach Town Council in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

    To the editor:

    Shirking responsibility and failing to provide equal services to all citizens, Sunset Beach Town Council on June 20 embarked on a new path to block equal distribution of our tax money. This time it is “legal precedent.” But first, let’s sidetrack the issues and pass a motion to research the methods used in the annexation of Sunset Lakes.

  • Assimilation is the hallmark of true immigrants

    To the editor:

    When a freshman arrives at the college or university of his choice, he often brings preconceived ideas; however, he may not have anticipated the deeply ingrained and unique traditions of the institution.

  • Tell Rabon to support HB 206

    To the editor:

    The N.C. Senate has the opportunity to take up an important health bill in the upcoming special session that will affect many families with loved ones suffering from cancer.

  • Thank you for supporting Project PBJ

    To the editor:

    Once again our generous and compassionate community has risen to the challenge.

    Residents, businesses and visitors have responded to Project PBJ, an effort to collect peanut butter and jelly for children and families in need of nutritional support. More than 767 pounds of peanut butter and jelly were donated by your friends and neighbors.