• Let’s keep the dialogue about offshore drilling issue respectful

    o the editor:

    Please allow me to thank my neighbor Pennie von Bergen Wessels for last week’s letter highlighting my statements during public comments at the Feb. 19 county commissioners’ meeting regarding offshore energy. It proved to me once again that the power of my one small voice has the ability to resonate broadly. Never underestimate the power of each voice, each vote and each individual standing up for what they believe in.

  • Support safe offshore energy exploration

    To the editor:

    Although I have not been able to attend any meetings to show my support for offshore exploration, I want to express it via this letter.

    I am not a scientist or an environmentalist. I am a concerned citizen. I have worked for various agencies such as the Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Department of Agriculture and have done presentations at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and many other federal agencies. I have lived in various overseas countries and territories. I have also visited many overseas areas.

  • American values and principles are under attack

    To the editor:

    Our country faces a very dangerous and difficult time. American democracy, governmental institutions and values are all under assault, both internally and externally. At the same time, we face a crisis of governance.

  • Political extortion by proponents of offshore drilling

    To the editor:

    Thank you, Brunswick County commissioners Randy Thompson, Mike Forte and Frank Williams, for standing with the residents of Brunswick County in revisiting the board’s previous two votes supporting seismic testing and offshore drilling.

    Thank you for standing with the League of Women Voters of the Lower Cape Fear, educated women who have a history of thoroughly investigating community issues.

    Thank you for standing with 180 coastal communities, representing thousands of concerned citizens who oppose offshore drilling.

  • Infrastructure bill should include walking and biking trails

    To the editor:

    As Congress crafts their responses to the White House’s proposed infrastructure bill, we need a balanced transportation system that includes roads, transit, rail lines and trail networks. We can’t forget walking and biking infrastructure.

  • Thank you for supporting BCCF grant fund

    To the editor:

    On behalf of the board of advisers of the Brunswick County Community Foundation, I would like to say thank you to the citizens of Brunswick County for their support of our efforts to grow our community grant-making fund.

    This year, thanks to your generosity, we will be able to increase our grants to support our local nonprofits. Nearly $8,000 was raised locally and through a generous match from anonymous donors to the North Carolina Community Foundation through the campaign.

  • Seeking a new ‘leash on life’

    To the editor:

    As I walked on our beautiful Sunset Beach this week, I observed people with their dogs not on a leash. While this seems relatively harmless to those dog owners, it is against the law and causes hardship and inconvenience to law-abiding citizens. It is not OK, even if you believe your dog to be well behaved and friendly.

  • Do something about roadside trash and fire ant mounds

    To the editor:

    I have written before and I’m writing again: Something needs to be done about all the trash on our roads. Why don’t people want to keep Brunswick County beautiful?

    Also, on U.S. 17, there are so many fire anthills! I know I was told before we can’t kill them all and I realize that, but why don’t we treat as many as we can to keep down the spreading? People and animals can be seriously hurt by their bites, which are not only very painful, but can also kill.

    How about another funny cartoon?

    T.J. May

  • A productive meeting with state Rep. Iler

    To the editor:

    Barbara Beauregard and I met last week with state Rep. Frank Iler at his Shallotte office to present him with 90 signatures of Brunswick County voters in opposition to any re-introduction of voter-suppressive legislation in the state House or Senate. He agreed to meet with us, stating his preference for small, personal meetings rather than a town hall setting “where people yell and things get out of control.” A respectful dialog ensued about the specifics of the petition.

  • Go after evildoers

    To the editor:

    I spent almost 40 years in law enforcement, 10 as a chief. A letter to the editor last week called for action to ban “military style assault weapons.”

    Forget the emotion and hysterics; it doesn’t help.

    Bans don’t work (heroin was banned in 1924).

    “No Firearm Zone” signs don’t work (almost every mass shooting was in a No Firearms Zone; maybe criminals can’t read).

    We have thousands of gun control laws on the books. Enforce them with zero tolerance.