• President more disgraceful than protests

    To the editor:

    Anything short of a hand over heart or military salute while standing to honor our country is disgracing the American flag and America.

    Many athletes failed to do that for many years, yet there was no uproar. President Trump has once again insulted his way into a self-created controversy.

    The protests are against racism, not our military. Trump disgraces this country in countless more ways than the NFL or its players.

  • Celebrate, embrace renewable energy

    To the editor:

    North Carolina is emerging as a national leader in renewable energy. We generate more solar energy than all but a couple of states. We are home to the largest wind farm in the Southeast, now generating power near Elizabeth City.

  • Hurricane Irma refugee thanks all who helped

    To the editor:

    I am a refugee presently residing at a very dear lady’s property in Ocean Isle Beach. I am a former resident of Calabash.

    My husband Randy (in recovery from stage 4 tonsil cancer), three cats and two dogs left home Sept. 7, just days before Hurricane Irma hit our island. We stayed in Brunswick, Ga., at a motel waiting on Irma to pass.

  • Post 7288 answers call for help, again

    To the editor:

    Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast in late August with devastation that affected millions of residents. Thousands of people, including veterans and their families, lost their homes and all their belongings and remain in shelters across the region. The rebuilding efforts will continue for years to come.

  • Town council disrespects annual festival

    To the editor:

    Once again, Sunset Beach Town Councilman Richard Cerrato is engaging in “fake news.” At the Sept. 19 council meeting, when discussing the Sunset at Sunset (SAS) festival, Cerrato stated, “The festival is paid for by taxpayers.” Nothing could be further from the truth!

  • Shallotte businesses shine after trip

    To the editor:

    My wife and I chose Shallotte as our jumping-off point for our adventure to view the total solar eclipse at McClellanville, S.C., last month.

    We spent the night of Aug. 20 at the Days Inn at 3670 Express Drive in Shallotte. It was a pleasant stay, and we hurriedly left early in the morning to beat the rush of traffic and find a good spot to sit and wait for the sky to turn dark.

  • Act of kindness is a blessing

    To the editor:

    Daily we hear and see negativity that surrounds us. I choose to look for and remember the blessings in life. Often we are rewarded to have done this.

    On Sept. 6, a friend and I had been in town running errands. We stopped at the drive-thru at Taco Bell. When we pulled up to the window to pay for and pick up our food, we were astonished when we were told the lady in the car in front of us had paid for our food. Since we couldn’t thank her, I thanked God for sending an angel to us. He is worthy to be praised.

  • Base park use fees on facts

    To the editor:

    The future of our Sunset Beach Waterfront Market may be decided shortly. I would like to respond to Leslie D. Bowers’ letter in the Sept. 21 edition. She eloquently expressed what many of my neighbors and friends are saying: “As elected officials, please verify your information ... don’t make decisions based on hearsay ... do your homework and listen to your constituents.” I second that motion.

  • No need for tethering ban under ordinance

    To the editor:

    On the surface, banning tethering in Brunswick County seems reasonable. Evil dog abusers are using logging chains to chain dogs to trees to slowly starve to death, suffer weeks in the heat or cold and worse.

    There are many reasons why the ban would be counter-productive, ineffective and, frankly, would make “enemies” of the other side for no good reason. This issue is a microcosm of the Democrat and Republican modus operandi (usual shenanigans) at the national level.

  • Where to find smiles, love and companionship

    To the editor:

    Need a smile today? Here’s one. Last week, a boy named Jason and a chocolate Labrador named Toby found each other at Tiki Paws, a kennel on N.C. 130, when his family went there to adopt a rescue. It was love at first sight!

    Jason declared Toby would be his best friend forever. Toby wagged his tail so hard he could barely stand.