• ‘For New Brother Saved A Gift’

    To the editor:

    White snow softly fell to the ground;

    Wild animals would roam all around;

    Saw a Christmas tree shining bright;

    God had made us such a pretty sight.

    Gifts under a tree were there all laid;

    Near fireplace we played and played;

    Parents did have to make a decision;

    Tell us Santa is real not just a vision.

    That night we had started off to bed,

    After all of our prayers had been said;

    Make sure Santa comes to our house,

  • Protest possible insurance hike

    To the editor:

    I am absolutely not in favor of increasing homeowner insurance rates for wind and hail policies in the county.

    We went through this drill when Wayne Goodwin was commissioner, and it is obvious the insurance companies wish to pick on the recently elected “rookie” commissioner in a big way.

  • Keep Cumbee Road safe, clean

    To the editor:

    I was thrilled when Cumbee Road was finally paved all the way. It has allowed easier access to making a left turn on U.S. 17 and I’m sure others are enjoying that as well. Many potholes have suddenly appeared on the upper section of Cumbee with the increased traffic. A few of these potholes are severe enough to damage a car, especially with the high speed many are traveling.

  • Republicans’ endorsement of Moore is repugnant

    To the editor:

    The preamble of the Republican National Committee mission reads as follows: “Be it resolved, that the Republican Party is the party of the open door. Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality, of opportunity for all, and favoritism for none.”

  • Thank you for another great OIB Flotilla

    To the editor:

    Many thanks again to Michelle and Charles Griffin and their helpers for putting on another wonderful flotilla for the people in Brunswick County to enjoy the start of the holiday season. We also want to acknowledge Sharky’s Restaurant for the use of its business to help make this all possible. They raised around $18,000 in support of Brunswick Family Assistance to help local families have a Merry Christmas.

    Thanks again for all of your work.

    Linda and Bill Sing

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Tax plan raises rational concerns

    To the editor:

    The question is not so much does the middle class need a modest tax cut, but the rational concerns are:

    1) Do the very rich need a huge tax cut for the third time in 37 years of ever-growing debt to fund the cuts?

    2) Should we ignore for another 10 years the working poor without health care, depending on food stamps to raise their kids in poverty, which is often another subsidy for many of the very rich who employ them?

  • Keep watch on ongoing issues in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Thank you to all the voters who turned out for the Nov. 7 election. I especially want to thank the 541 who cast votes for me to serve on Sunset Beach Town Council. I am grateful and promise to use whatever insight I gained with the winners and current town council members to pursue our mutual interests.

  • GOP sins against all Americans

    To the editor:

    I am one of U.S. Sen. Richard Burr’s constituents. I used to be a Republican before Sen. Burr and the rest of the GOP (Greed Over People) sold their souls to the devil.

  • Don’t fight the traffic: turn right instead

    To the editor:

    I sympathize with Davey L. Stanley in his letter published last week concerning left-hand turns in Shallotte. Traffic congestion is something we face in towns and cities across the nation. Turning left across two directions of traffic under those conditions can be near impossible, not to mention dangerous.

  • Shallotte lacks legal left turn opportunities

    To the editor:

    For many hours each day, it is almost impossible to make a “legal” left turn onto Main Street in Shallotte. Many people, including myself, wait for a clearance that permits us to move into the center lane and then wait for a clearance to merge into the right lane. To wait for a clearance in both directions that would permit movement directly to the right lane might take longer than some of us old folks have to live.