• No alligator hunt this year

    To the editor:

    After months of being on pins and needles (and many sleepless nights), we found out Thursday, Feb. 11, that there will be no hunting season for alligators this year.

    We want to thank The Brunswick Beacon and former staff writer Sam Hickman for contacting Alligator Alliance and publishing a front-page story that included our opposition to the proposed alligator-hunting season.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a voice for the alligators of Brunswick County.

  • Clean Power Plan should proceed

    To the editor:

    Mothers & Others for Clean Air, a program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast, was disappointed to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling to put the Clean Power Plan on hold as the courts review the legal challenges, delaying much-needed progress toward the reduction of harmful carbon pollution.

    The decision does not necessarily need to delay real health benefits to our families and neighbors, as long as Gov. Pat McCrory chooses to move ahead with plans to reduce power plant carbon pollution in North Carolina.

  • Is Clinton a liar?

    To the editor:

    Medical definition of a pathological liar: an individual who habitually tells lies so exaggerated or bizarre that they are suggestive of a mental disorder.

    Is Hillary Rodham Clinton a pathological liar?

  • Make bike paths a priority for road safety

    To the editor:

    Seven years ago, I was hit by a truck and seriously injured and very nearly killed while riding my bike on N.C. 179 between Calabash and Shallotte. Since then, there have been several patchwork paving projects, but nothing has been done to improve bicycle safety.

    Cars, buses and trucks travel this road on a regular basis. The summer tourist traffic is often heavy and consists of many extra cars and drivers unfamiliar with our roads. The weekends of spring, summer and fall are also when there are the most cyclists on this road.

  • CIS program helps students, their parents

    To the editor:

    I participated in the Incredible Years Parenting Education Program that Communities In Schools of Brunswick County offers. I thoroughly enjoyed class each and every week.

  • Sunset Beach Town Park is a treasure

    To the editor:

    We built a home on the Sunset Beach island in 1999 and have loved this island for years before.

    We subscribe to The Brunswick Beacon and have followed closely the issues reported here. I want to congratulate the leaders of Sunset Beach for having the vision and commitment to invest in this island by building the town park.

  • Pray for protection from terrorists, spread of virus

    To the editor:

    We humbly ask God to protect our children and families from any terrorist plots that have infiltrated our civilian population. Put a hedge of protection over our schools, churches and synagogues, malls, theaters, and public gatherings like the Super Bowl.

  • Employee needs do not determine their wages

    To the editor:

    In his letter published Feb. 4, Thomas McGrath offers arguments favoring an increase in minimum wage based on specious premises.

    Invoking biblical reference, he assumes because a “good” vineyard owner paid his laborers “a full days wage,” the wage paid was a living wage and the labor performed was unskilled work. His reference supports neither assumption.

  • Driver notices kind actions of BCSO deputy

    To the editor:

    Thursday, Feb. 4, I was in the carpool line at West Brunswick High School. The weather was very nasty, so I went early as did many other parents and grandparents, turning off my car while I waited. The woman in front of me also turned off her car, but unfortunately was not able to get it started again, which was only evident with the events that transpired.

  • Rouzer restricts topics for the public he serves

    To the editor:

    Congressman David Rouzer, your website references only two topics on which you are seeking my input, and unfortunately, it appears to only be eliciting a negative evaluation of both: “If you have any problem with federal agencies or benefits, please call my Smithfield, Bolivia or Wilmington office or go to www.rouzer.house.gov so we can help. You can reach the Smithfield office at (919) 938-3040, Bolivia office at (910) 253-6111 or Wilmington office at (910) 395-0202.”