Today's Opinions

  • You are in control

    To the editor:

    When considering for whom you will cast your vote in a few weeks, it is important to look back to know where we have been and where we are now. In our state, the governor hardly cut the administrative costs, just services to you and me, including a hike in the state sales and income tax. How about our attorney general not signing onto the coalition of states suing the government about Obamacare?

  • What about raises?

    To the editor:

    Did I miss something? On the front page the headline read “True Cost to Be Governed.” The commissioners’ discretionary spending allowance of $9,000 was cut. These funds had benefited nonprofit organizations in the past. 

    Sounds good to cut the funds in a poor economy, but why did they give themselves outrageous raises? Are they going to still give $5,000 to the senior citizens fund?

  • Shame on you

    To the editor:

    As a conservative-minded, registered member of the Republican Party for my entire adult life, I must say I’m not too proud of the campaign my party is running for the N.C. 7th District congressional seat.

  • Supports McIntyre

    To the editor:

    Support and vote for Mike McIntyre. He is a North Carolina congressman who cares about his and our District 7. We don’t agree on some of his voting, but we do agree that we disagree and make peace to go on with and for the benefit of all people in our district.

  • Supports MacCallum

    To the editor:

    We are responding to a recent letter to the editor from Lisa Pye-Simmons, who said, “Why would we choose a slick lawyer …with a slick public relations lady…for our Brunswick County Clerk of Courts?” Here is the answer: 

  • Focus on the Constitution first

     To the editor:

    In Jamestown in 1607-1611, socialism was tried and failed. This was communism in its purest form. Each was to work according to ability, put results in a common pool and take only what was needed. Results were opposite of intentions. Hard work was not personally beneficial, so settlers responded by not working. Only when individuals could benefit personally from their work did the colony flourish.

  • We couldn’t do what we do without the help of others; thank you

    Here at The Brunswick Beacon we take great pride in being what we consider the most comprehensive news source for Brunswick County.

    While many of you read our print product each week, we have an increased following of people looking for their news online. 

    One of the best parts about using our website to get your Brunswick County news is you don’t have to wait until it arrives in the mailbox Thursday. You can get timely, supplemental news updates throughout the week from www.brunswickbeacon.com.

  • Two men were visionaries, built foundation for Brunswick County

    Odell Williamson and Mannon C. Gore were visionaries who could see the future for Brunswick County in ways others couldn’t even dream.

    In the 1950s, the two men made lifetime-worthy investments. The former business partners purchased land that would become Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach.

    Last week on Friday, Gore was honored for his forward thinking and planning with the naming of the new high-rise bridge in Sunset Beach in his honor. The high-rise span stretching to Ocean Isle Beach has previously been named in Williamson’s honor.