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  • Consider school report card data carefully
  • Better heart health benefits everyone

    The heart became a symbol of St. Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated every Feb. 14, centuries ago in many countries. Fifty-one years ago, the United States took the symbol a step further by observing all of February as American Heart Month in an effort to promote better health.

  • BCC celebrates 30 years of small business support

    While officials are examining the potential for retail and other economic growth in Brunswick County using up-to-date data and input from residents as well as visitors, it is important to remember the overwhelming majority of the county’s employers are small businesses.

    The development of those entrepreneurial endeavors, here and across the Tar Heel State, have been supported for the past three decades by the Small Business Center (SBC) Network of the North Carolina Community College System.

  • Residents should dictate how tax dollars are spent

    The Brunswick County Board of Commissioners is trying to determine how to proceed on upgrades to five of the county’s 13 parks without incurring debt or raising taxes.

    The process thus far has been pay-as-you go, with planned improvements to Town Creek, Waccamaw, Smithville District, Shallotte District and Ocean Isle Beach being ranked on the county’s yearly capital improvement plan (CIP). But not even a month into 2015, commissioners are quibbling over which of those parks should get first dibs on available funds.

  • Shop local on Small Business Saturday

    By Gregg Thompson

    Guest Columnist

    Every year, Gallup asks people how much confidence they have in various institutions. The results aren’t surprising. Only 8 percent had “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress. Big business scored 21 percent. That’s no better than TV news.

    Small business, on the other hand, came in second with 67 percent of respondents considering it trustworthy. Only the U.S. military scored higher.

  • You decide: How can North Carolina use economic trends?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    As I travel the state giving presentations about the economy, there’s one common trait I find regardless of where I am: People are anxious about the economy.

    Although there’s been economic improvement since the Great Recession, I sense uneasiness among many people about how long the gains will last. Many believe the economic future is no longer in their hands and it is subject to forces and actions beyond their control.

  • Council members should listen to constituents

    To the editor:

    Following is an excerpt from an email Mayor Ron Watts sent to citizens he had heard from (myself included) regarding the appointment of a replacement for councilman Terry Johnson who conveniently resigned on Election Day: “It appears at this stage that a basic majority of three current council members intend to skip the recommendation of taking our time and establishing an application process, and instead plan to go ahead at Tuesday’s work session and appoint Mike Williams to fill the two years remaining in the term of the open position.”

  • Town’s voters have spoken

    To the editor:

    Opinion writer Bill Satterfield of Sunset Beach hit a grand “slam” (pun intended) in last week’s edition summing up the hows and whys of the highly contested selection process looming in Sunset Beach. Kudos also to those quoted in the (front page) story of the Towns section (Elaine Wright, Jim Thomas, et. al), for also being dead-on.