Today's Opinions

  • End-of-Grade testing times make no sense

    To the editor:

    I was disturbed by what I encountered recently while monitoring/proctoring a fourth-grade N.C. End-of-Grade mathematics test at an elementary school in Brunswick County at the end of the school year.

    The test was three hours in length. It started at 9:38 a.m. By 10:18 a.m., one brilliant student had finished the test. A few minutes later, another brilliant student had finished the test. Other brilliant students finished along the way, with the last brilliant student finishing the test at 12:28 p.m.

  • Story didn’t adequately summarize comments

    To the editor:

    My public address comments at the June 6 meeting of the Shallotte Board of Aldermen were not adequately summarized in the June 15 Beacon story on that meeting.

    I addressed the board about three matters. The first was concerning the problem created on Shallotte Avenue by adding the sidewalk, which caused mailboxes to be placed too close to road, making it nearly impossible for two vehicles to meet each other safely. I did mention the construction traffic, but that was because having large construction vehicles on the road exacerbated the problem.

  • Still no need to hunt gators

    To the editor:

    I attended the forum on alligator management recently held in Bolivia. I thought the presentation by the staff was very well handled.

    Despite it being an open meeting, very few were in attendance and yet the staff thought it had been one of the best-attended forums.

  • A little bit of bother, with a lot of fun and frolic

    First off this week, let me get the not-so-fun stuff out of the way with a reminder about submitting letters to the editor for publication.

    Just the other week, I was raving about how great it was to be so inundated with them they left no room for my column. The volume has since tapered off a bit, in part because I’d received some we’re not going to publish under any circumstance.

  • The only drink I need this summer

    I realize there are more pressing concerns about what Brunswick County residents are drinking, but that is a topic for a different section of the paper.

    I have a beverage issue that has needed addressing for a good long time now. Since summer officially arrived June 21, it’s time to strike while the temperature is hot.

    Four summers in Brunswick County plus another four decades of living in the South haven’t swayed me on the merits of sweet tea. No matter how sweet or cold it is, there will always be the limitation that it is made of tea.

  • Proposed roundabout would create more problems

    To the editor:

    The experience you described in your June 15 column illustrates my objections to the double roundabout proposed for the Smith Avenue/U.S. 17 interchange in Shallotte. In that case, if I’m reading maps right, there’s going to be two circles in the roundabout. The inner circle just going around so that anyone in it would have to move to the outer circle to exit the roundabout. Then you cross a bridge and enter into another roundabout.

  • Politics put trouble on our horizon

    To the editor:

    We have to face the plain and simple facts. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not win and Barack Obama and Joe Biden did. Republicans seemed bent on revenge, determined to insure Obama would not succeed as president.

    After eight years, it was time for a party change, voters said, so rather than having a female president, they elected a man with no experience, education or interest in government.

  • Block release of GenX into our waters

    To the editor:

    Below is the official statement issued by the Brunswick Environmental Action Team (BEAT) regarding the release of Gen X into the Cape Fear River Watershed and impacting the drinking water in Brunswick and New Hanover counties. The BEAT Board of Directors unanimously approved this statement by a 7-0 vote.