Today's Opinions

  • Let freedom ring

    Consider how life could be without the freedom we enjoy as Americans.

    We know citizens in North Korea, for example, live under a totalitarian regime that deliberately keeps them ignorant of world affairs. Many of us have read about Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the pregnant woman sentenced to death in Sudanese court for renouncing Islam. Fewer of us may know that Buddhist extremists are driving Rohingya Muslims out of Myanmar with threats and acts of violence.

  • Annual Halloween (sugar) cravings get (dental) brush-off

    Just in time for Halloween, my teeth, which are still all naturally mine somehow, paid a visit to my favorite, friendly dental office last week.

    Or, rather, I should say “Doctor Brush” (not his real name, but what a great one for a dentist) and his skilled staff paid a memorable drop-in visit to me and my six- and 12-year-old molars, which are older than that now.

  • Stop worrying and learn to love the zipper

    “The Zipper” is happening.

    For some of you, that’s all you needed to hear to have already figured out what I am talking about and are equally excited as I am.

    Others are perplexed, but I will let you in on my shorthand so you can join the rest of us in spreading the good news.

    The NCDOT has embraced, or should I say finally embraced, the zipper, which is only the simplest, easiest most obvious way to get stalled traffic moving along on highways, city streets or anywhere vehicles travel.

  • Tillis legislature hurts area, state

    To the editor:

    We all know that Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the poor. Thom Tillis and his merry band in Raleigh have it in reverse. There is no better proof than their actions in formulating the budget for North Carolina: reductions in spending for public education, adding sales tax to services previously exempt, requiring nonprofit agencies to collect sales tax on fund raising events, eliminating the “back to school” two-day sales tax moratorium and shifting the tax burden from electrical co-ops directly to consumers as a sales tax.

  • Participate in candidates' forum Oct. 21

    To the editor:

    Washington is dysfunctional. Raleigh is out of step. Brunswick County is ineffectual. As we circulate in Brunswick County, we frequently hear comments like these expressed. The question for you as a citizen is what responsibility do you have for this state of affairs and will you go to the polls in the upcoming election as an informed voter?

  • Stop stealing campaign signs

    To the editor:

    I travel on N.C. 211 quite often and I have observed political signs for state senate candidate Dr. Ernie Ward placed along the highway, only to be completely gone the next day.

    This has not happened once, but several times. It is extremely disturbing to me and I’m sure many others. It is against the law.

    There is some very dirty politics going on here. Where is the honesty, integrity and respect for the opposition? It makes me sick.


    Barbara McLane

    Sunset Beach

  • Early childhood education unites diverse voters

    To the editor:

    A new bipartisan poll shows there is an issue that unites all North Carolinians: early childhood education. Majorities of Democrats, Republicans and Independents support investments in early childhood programs in the state, including expanding access to Smart Start, Pre-K, teacher training and home visiting programs.

  • Shallotte roads need some work

    To the editor:

    Shallotte’s roadside is a nightmare, even on Halloween, specifically when you try to get to Home Depot, Belk and BB&T in Shallotte. The only way in is one entrance off  N.C. 130. I was turning off  N.C. 130 trying to go to work at the garden section of Home Depot awhile ago and nearly got run over. The truck behind me almost ran me over when I had to slow down while approaching the entrance. The entrance has terrible ruts and holes in it. You are taking your life into your own hands going through it.