Today's Opinions

  • You are cordially invited to the-can’t-miss event of the political season

    Please allow me to take a few moments of your time for a shameless plug.

    Strike that—in reality, this really benefits you, the voter, so this is almost more of a public service announcement.

    Do you have plans for the evening of Monday, Oct. 11? If you do, cancel them immediately, because I have a better idea.

  • Why support Pantano?

    To the editor:

    Why would the local GOP want to hand our congressional seat to the Wall Street-Goldman gang? What could a former Enron trader possibly know about raising pigs, growing corn or hauling in a fish net? 

    Is Mr. Pantano the least bit representative of the 7th Congressional District? Did you ever hear of him before the reports of premeditated murder charges and desecration of bodies of unarmed Iraqi men in his custody? 

  • Vote for Pantano

    To the editor:

    Very early this year, several of us urged U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre to hold a public meeting where he could listen to us, his constituents, and we could hear his views on upcoming legislation.

  • Supports Wilson for Clerk of Court

    To the editor:

    I am an attorney in Southport. The Beacon recently published a letter critical of the county Clerk’s Office and supporting Jim MacCallum for Clerk. 

    I have had many opportunities to observe the service provided by the clerk’s office. While everyone has a bad day once in a while, overall the clerks are courteous, professional and helpful. I have often seen them go above and beyond to address the concerns of those they serve.

  • Seeks information for history book

    To the editor:

    To our senior citizens: The future is upon us, and the past is disappearing both socially, culturally and historically. I would like to preserve a small piece of this past by recording some memories of our senior citizens and their memories of their parents. 

    I am interested in producing a book that includes the memories of our elders, their advice and past ways of life. I would like to include memories and information gained from our seniors 75 years and older in 2010. 

  • Voters aren’t stupid

    To the editor:

    I want to thank Teddy Altreuter for her letter to the editor castigating the Republican house candidate Ilario Pantano. Unable to address the issues in the campaign due to her candidate’s consistent support of the president’s socialistic programs, she resorted to the Democratic National Committee tactic of personal attack.

  • Why use cheap, foreign labor?

    To the editor:

    Will someone get me straightened out? It seems to me that many large corporations in this country are having their products made by cheap labor in foreign countries. Then the companies donate money to the politicians who have let them get away with this practice.

    Will someone please draft a law that will tax the companies to balance out the situation? Then the American labor force can obtain jobs, and the politicians can go back after one term to jobs they were trained for, as I believe the writers of our Constitution envisioned.

  • We can’t afford McIntyre in Congress

    To the editor:

    I have noticed some of the letters in your paper commenting on what Mike McIntyre has done for his district without being specific, in most cases. I would like to list just a few.