Today's Opinions

  • Leaving AARP

    To the editor: Editor’s note: This letter was sent to AARP.

    I am enclosing my and my wife’s membership cards. Due to the AARP stance on the healthcare reform bill being deliberated by the cronies in Washington, we are hereby canceling our memberships to AARP.

    AARP is supposedly for the protection and benefit of seniors, but AARP and other corporations are selling out seniors in an alliance with lobbyists and bureaucrats in Washington to line their pockets.

  • What’s going on at the shelter?

    To the editor: Ah, Mr. Stanley. How convenient for you to be able to use the excuse of “public safety and liability concerns” when denying the Beacon access to the county animal shelter to do a story.

    I’m sure the staff at the Beacon has a legal advisor available that could satisfactorily word a release of liability form for their reporter to sign relieving the county of any responsibility should an incident occur.

  • Party crashers: Sheriff's, chief deputy's move trump Tareq, Michaele Sahali stunt

    Move over Sahalis—the jig and your 15 minutes of fame are up. You crashed a White House soiree, embarrassed the Secret Service and the administration and now face Congressional hearings. You’ve kept politicians and pundits entertained in Washington, D.C., and across the country. You even landed the coveted opening of “Saturday Night Live.”

    But here in Brunswick County we have two new party-crashing stars, Sheriff John Ingram and chief deputy Charlie Miller, at least it seems, according to the reaction to the news.

  • Healthcare's mounting debt

    To the editor: Local and Triangle newspapers reported last week that state spending on Medicaid is $160 million over budget so far this fiscal quarter.

    News on the radio reported Gov. Perdue traveled to Washington, D.C., to speak to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She was looking for federal assistance for Medicaid because of the budget shortfall.

    How ironic. Gov. Perdue and our Sen. Hagan have endorsed the healthcare plans of their party in both the House and the Senate that would greatly expand state Medicaid spending programs.

  • Wearing dresses and high heels, these men were really out of this world

    I laughed for nearly two hours Saturday night watching eight Brunswick County men leave their masculinity—and maybe a little bit of pride—behind while they donned dresses, wigs, makeup and high heels for a good cause.

    As part of a fundraiser for Shallotte Family Moose Center No. 710, the 2009 Miss Out of this World beauty pageant drew men on stage in sparkling gowns and revealing outfits as they competed in talent, evening gown and interview competitions.

  • Finding the real Christmas spirit this holiday season

    Every year I bake dozens of cookies, listen to Christmas music and hope I will get into the Christmas spirit. Somehow, I never manage anything other than being a slightly less grumpy version of my usual self.

    This year, I wanted to try something a little different—I wanted to really experience Christmas. I wanted to take in every little bit of Christmas I could.

  • A useful end-of year list for those in need of a breather

    It’s the time of year when columnists enjoy making lists of things: the best movies, books or music of the year; the best or worst Christmas songs; dangerous toys to avoid giving your kids or the weirdest things to do the day after Christmas.

    Even though it’s a little too early to be doing a best/worst of the year column, and regular readers know all too well how I feel about holiday air pollution like “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer,” I still feel that yearly need to start listing things.

  • Confessions of an undercover Santa Claus

    The history of Saint Nicholas originates from the year 346 A.D. and is the common name for Nicholas of Myra, a saint and bishop of Myra in what is now modern-day Turkey.

    He had a reputation for secret gift-giving and became a model for today’s legendary Santa Claus, a living example of many worthwhile virtues such as the love and care of children and generosity toward all.

    Beneath the costume of anyone playing Santa Claus is a real individual volunteering to briefly assume the identity of an ancient saint.