Today's Opinions

  • Writer questions article's merit

    To the editor:

    I’m writing in regard to the “Sloane Realty, Debbie Smith” article on page 7A in the June 3 edition of the Beacon. I have read this article five times and cannot for the life of me figure out why it was written or even published.

  • This week’s column brought to you by the First Amendment: Leave us alone

    One of these three doesn’t belong: newspapers, free press and government reinvention.

    Unless you’re with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in which case you spent one year discussing a government-induced renaissance of the media. In that case, you would apparently think the three go together.

    But every other free-thinking, logical American should be able to identify the problem with government intervention in the media.

  • Questions photo placement

    I write this letter to bring to your attention your story on Early College students who graduated this year.

    I find it an insult to the class valedictorian to be pictured on the inside of your paper and the salutatorian on the front page. I have nothing against the salutatorian. I think she should be recognized for her hard work, but she did come in second.

  • Disagrees with writer's letter

    To the editor:

    Typical of many progressives’ inability to argue facts, a recent writer in the June 3 edition of the Beacon criticized the Civitas organization because of the results of recent polling in North Carolina.

    Instead of pointing out errors, if any, in the polls or countering the findings with facts again, if any, the writer resorts to the tired old same limp and lame method of rebuttal–name calling.

  • Raising grandchildren is a lot like training police officers

    Precisely at 6:40 a.m. daily, I arrive in our bedroom with breakfast and the morning newspaper for my dear spouse. I am content to faithfully carry out our wonderful morning routine.

    When our grandchildren visit during the summer months, there is a breakfast for them as well. They are patiently leaning on pillows and the headboard with our breakfast bed tray on my spouse’s lap.

  • Was offended by Richardson's comments

    To the editor:

    I served with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam in 1965. I stepped on a land mine in September that year and lost the use of my right leg due to my injury. I’m writing about the article in the Beacon quoting Frank Richardson of VFW 7288 about Memorial Day.

    The article did not sit well with me and a lot of other veterans that served in the military. I was a commander of a VFW post with 500 or so members for 7-8 years and a commander of an American Legion for two years.

  • Where will you go?

    To the editor:

  • Balloons return to Earth as litter

    To the editor: I am concerned about several articles and photos appearing in The Brunswick Beacon over the past month. Our citizens are releasing balloons into the environment. I have seen these balloon releases mentioned to celebrate loved ones, milestones (birthdays, weddings), loved ones’ passing, and most recently, a Memorial Day event.