Today's Opinions

  • Hundreds participate in Hands Across the Sand on county beaches

    Local residents, as well as vacationers, braved the midday sun to stand in support of clean beaches May 21. Four of the 11 North Carolina Hands Across the Sand events were held in Brunswick County.

    Participants stood in long lines for 15 minutes starting at noon at Sunset Beach (pictured), Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach and Oak Island. The largest gathering was at Sunset Beach, where almost 200 people formed a chain down the beach flanked by signs reading, “Protect Our Coast” and “No Drill NC.”

  • Kindness is an invaluable lesson for local students

    Last Thursday morning, May 25, I had the privilege of participating in the morning assembly at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School celebrating the completion of another successful Pet Education Program (PEP) by three classes of fourth-graders.

    The program is offered through Paws-Ability, a nonprofit that raises funds for animal causes and advocates for the humane treatment of animals in Brunswick County.

  • Burr helps fight Alzheimer’s disease

    To the editor:

    This year, the annual cost of caring for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias will reach $259 billion, $175 billion of which comes in direct costs to Medicare and Medicaid. Yet in 2016, for every $100 the U.S. government spent on Alzheimer’s research, $16,000 was spent by Medicare and Medicaid to care for those living with the disease.

  • Why not seek Sunset Beach de-annexation?

    To the editor:

    Please inform me if I am wrong: Our appointed mayor of Sunset Beach, Robert Forrester, is soliciting support for anti-de-annexation legislation from Brunswick County mayors? Instead of offering reasons to stay connected to Sunset Beach, he rallies support to force annexed areas to stay put. Offering no reasons, like improved services, just a plea to the League of Municipalities’ mayors.

  • Shame on the driver who hit and killed cat

    To the editor:

    Do you live in the Shell Point subdivision? Do you drive like a racecar driver? Maybe you were the one who ran over a fluffy white and black cat. You could have pulled her out of the road after you hit her.

    She loved the outdoors most of the time. She laid under a bush in the yard, but she always met me at her eating place every morning.

    I have never cried as much in my life as when I buried her.

    All the streets in our area are short streets. There is no need to drive like a racecar driver!

    Jean Garland

  • Enough is enough

    By Walt Eccard

    Guest Columnist

    Once again, Brunswick County and the towns in Brunswick County face the prospect of a loss of significant revenue because of actions of the North Carolina legislature. The total loss projected for Brunswick County, the 19 municipalities in Brunswick County and the school system this year is about $2.6 million. Shallotte alone faces the loss of $130,000. Legislation that would take this money from Brunswick County has passed the North Carolina Senate and is pending action in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

  • You decide: Can urban and rural areas get along?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    My wife and I have one foot in rural regions and the other in big cities. We were both born and raised in small towns — I in an unincorporated town (meaning it wasn’t big enough to qualify as an official municipality) in Ohio and she in a recognized town (but still tiny) in upstate New York. I have a vague memory of my mother pulling me in a little wagon to the country store for groceries. On the way home, the groceries were in the wagon and I would walk.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina House of Representatives, we had a session at the old Capitol building to honor the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, we finished the individual sections of the House state budget and we passed the budget sections out of committees.