Today's Opinions

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist


    Editor’s note: The senator’s legislative updates will continue to be published for the duration of the General Assembly’s short session, which has been extended beyond its expected July 1 conclusion.


    The 2014 short session continues to be nothing short of eventful, and we are working hard in order to accomplish our goals.


    Budget update

  • Hurricane Arthur gives way to happy holiday

    I’m relieved this year’s Fourth of July holiday and weekend was without tragedy after last year’s terrible rip current drownings, and especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Arthur, which mostly just soaked us here Brunswick County and put a damper on some pre-holiday plans.

  • Dispose of litter properly

    To the editor:

    There appears to be a false concept that I collect aluminum cans and recycle glass bottles. The fact is that I live on a “destination street,” which means there is one street into and out of this subdivision. Therefore, either my neighbors or their friends who have been disposing of their trash in my front yard really need to take note and find a proper way to dispose of their refuse.

  • Bless our nation, all God’s children

    To the editor:

    As we celebrate America’s birthday, we prophesy as we pray God’s blessing for our nation. We fill the heavens with sounds of rejoicing and praise for the uniqueness of America and its call as a beacon of freedom down through our history. We honor the founders who gave us our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We cry out for great awakening and return to the foundations that make America a land of liberty and prosperity. We declare honor for God in all our institutions, and that our nation will continue to be favored and blessed.

  • Mind canines in summer temperatures

    To the editor:

    When it is 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside your car will spike to 89 degrees in just 10 minutes and 104 degrees in one half hour. Imagine sitting in a car with a fur coat on in these temperatures. Never leave your dog unattended in a parked car during the summer months. Even if you park in the shade with your windows cracked open, the internal temperature of your car can heat up in no time at all, putting your dog at serious risk for heat stroke and death. Cars can rapidly reach life-threatening temperatures, even on mild days.

  • Summer heat nothing to swoon at, but sometimes it happens

    Look at me, celebrating the Fourth of July and sunshine in Sunset Beach in red, white and blue just one day after our first (and we hope last) 2014 summer storm, aka Hurricane Arthur, blew up the Carolinas coast.

    Look at me, with my new smartphone pedometer app sauntering up Sunset Beach for a three-mile walk on one of the prettiest beaches God, with a little help from the Gores, ever invented.

  • When is the county’s 250th anniversary party?

    So I hear it’s Brunswick County’s 250th anniversary.

    Well I didn’t hear it but I did read about it — in the Wilmington paper. They seem very excited about Brunswick County’s anniversary over there in New Hanover County.

    I think they think they are going to get cake.

    And if they have enough influence, they will get to decide what flavor it will be.

    I’ve seen that move before, coming from a family with older siblings. That’s a classic move.

  • Carolinas Shores residents have options

    To the editor:

    Have all the residents of Carolina Shores really spoken their preferences about the recycle/convenience center? Certainly not! All of the opposition we are hearing is from a select group of cohorts, the same group that a few years ago banded together to remove Gere Dale as a commissioner.