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  • Carolina Shores is in a state

    To the editor:

    I have read with interest the articles suggesting a change in the name of the community of Carolina Shores. Why? I have been happy with the name but I am sure (former mayor) Teddy Toddy (Altreuter) will have a list of alternatives. We can apply for statehood as the “State of Confusion.” Our flag could be an enormous question mark and our motto “We need more information.”

  • Sands of time: A short history of Southeast Asia

    By Mari-Lou Wong-Chong

    Guest Columnist


    Let us all journey to Southeast Asia through the sands of time and learn a little bit of the history that identifies some of our neighbor’s culture.

  • Know truths, myths about lightning

    To the editor:

    Here are some timely truths and myths and about lightning and lightning strikes.


    North Carolina is at the top of the list of states with the most lightning hits.

    The coastal area and golf courses are the most likely to get struck.

    Lightning can and does strike multiple times in the same spot.

    Hartsford Financial Services reports lightning claims rose by 77 percent in a period of five years.

  • Short session did more harm than good for state

    To the editor:

  • Questioning corruption in local law enforcement

    To the editor:

    I have the highest level of respect for our law enforcement officials and I know the overwhelming majority of them are honest and committed to their mission to protect and serve. Why is it, then, that Brunswick County and neighboring New Hanover County have seemingly the most corrupt bunch of law enforcement officials I have witnessed in my 64 years? Every week when I read the Beacon, it seems there are at least one or more stories about police officers being fired and suspended for a host of reasons.

  • Our nation needs prayers

    To the editor:

    Pray for Ferguson, Mo., where rioting, looting and racial turmoil have reigned for several days since the shooting of young Michael Brown by a policeman. Pray for God’s peace and calm to return to Ferguson. May the spirit of God bring shalom over this city, and many other cities in the U.S., where violence and death have become a regular occurrence, taking the lives of many young people.

  • Holden Beach safety hazards still remain

    To the editor:

  • Carolina Shores employee issue is not over yet

    To the editor:

    Regarding Dave Jones’ letter in the Sept. 4 edition about Carolina Shores officials: He is totally correct in his letter about their action regarding Jerry Franklin. I have yet to find a resident who does not think Franklin did an excellent job at the recycling center.