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  • A springboard for things to come in 2017

    So I’m still recovering from the World Series, which went to seven games and ended in defeat at Cleveland for my beloved Cleveland Indians. Now that the Chicago Cubs’ 108-year drought is finally over, the Tribe now has the longest span between titles, heading into its 69th year.

    I have plenty more to say about this, but it’ll have to wait until next week’s column because I have something more pressing to write about this week, something else to look forward to in the coming year.

  • Dogs need to be leashed at park

    To the editor:

    I have seen many dogs unleashed at the Sunset Beach Town Park. It is very concerning to me as the owners seem to think the law in Sunset Beach for dogs being on a leash at all times doesn’t apply to them. They get rude when confronted with this law and some of them are from Calabash.

    I believe we need to install a sign telling these people they will be fined if their dogs are not controlled by a leash and not allowed to run wild and disturb other people and dogs.

    Joanne Law

    Sunset Beach

  • Social media use harms children, adults

    To the editor:

    Much has been said about the dangers that our children face because of the practice of social media like Facebook, Twitter and the others. I think that most adults agree that the overall effect on the children is less than desirable. But what about a similar effect on us grown folks?

  • Keep canopies at Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    My husband and I just returned from Sunset Beach after spending time working on our house there and, as I was looking forward to catching up on the news in the Beacon, I became quite upset while reading Oct. 20’s story, “Canopies Remain a Shady Topic in Sunset Beach.”

  • On Campus with BCC: New directors, new directions

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest Columnist

  • You decide: Is demography behind slow economic growth?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    One of the big issues heard in this election year is slow economic growth. Although the economy has improved since the depths of the recession seven years ago, the gains have been modest compared with previous recoveries. For example, the growth in the nation’s aggregate production of goods and services (termed “gross domestic product” or GDP) in the current recovery since the last recession has been the weakest among all post-World War II recoveries.

  • Debris collection essential part of hurricane recovery

    To the editor:

    In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, removing massive amounts of debris is an important part of helping communities clean up and rebuild.

    Long before the first rain fell, the state environmental department was working with local governments to establish locations where storm debris can be temporarily stored and processed. These temporary debris sites are necessary after any major storm to speed up the cleanup process that would take much longer if the debris had to be hauled to a landfill.

  • Recycle to keep Brunswick County clean, beautiful

    To the editor:

    Even though the national recycling rate is an impressive 34 percent, Brunswick County residents can help expand recovery and reuse numbers.

    In honor of America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, Keep Brunswick County Beautiful, the local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, is asking everyone to take three simple steps to lend a hand:

    1) Learn what recycling options are available in your community

    2) During the next month, reduce the amount of waste generated, focus on recycling more, and purchase products with recycled content