Today's Opinions

  • Island parking consideration

    To the editor:
    In response to Janet Stallings’ letter in the Jan. 10 edition of the Beacon, this person obviously has no idea what she is talking about. She may be a taxpaying property owner on the mainland, but has she been on the island lately? New streetscaping and additional parking spaces have been provided at the entrance to the island and the gazebo parking lot.

  • Policy prohibits assistance

    To the editor:
    I am writing in response to the recent story regarding the event that took place at the recycle center and the current policy that the town of Carolina Shores has in effect. While the current employee is more than happy to assist those of us who find it difficult to empty our vehicles, the policy prohibits him from doing so for fear of losing his job.

  • Only fools drive unnecessarily on icy roads

    Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: If a life or job didn’t depend on you driving down the county’s icy roads last week, you had no business driving.

    You wanted to see the snow on the beach? Too bad. Wait for your island neighbors to share the photos with you via the Beacon, Facebook, Instragram or the old-fashioned way: with glossy prints.

    You ran out of that ingredient you needed to complete your CrockPot recipe? Tough. Make something else for dinner.

  • Kudos for Calabash sidewalk construction

    To the editor:
    So often we find ourselves guilty of criticizing work being done in the public interest and less often commending those for a job well done. I am a retired civil engineer and particularly take notice of public works improvements and feel compelled to comment on such a job administered by North Carolina Department of Transportation for Calabash.

  • Speak out against proposed insurance hike

    To the editor:
    Everyone should be aware of the proposed property insurance rate hike of as much as 35 percent for Brunswick County. If approved, the rate increase would take effect Aug. 1. I encourage everyone to express your opposition to the proposal by making your views known to the N.C. Department of Insurance. Send your comments via email to 2014homeowners@ncdoi.gov. The city of Shallotte has some good information on this issue, so check out its website.

  • Sunset Beach parking problems deter tourism

    To the editor:
    Are you serious? The Sunset Beach city council is spending $50,000 to create a merchants association with the goal of increasing tourism. This, after they have severely limited parking on the island for those who aren’t staying in a house there or don’t want to park at the pier? If the council wanted to discourage tourism, what would they do different from that? I am a taxpaying property owner on the mainland and this parking situation has been very discouraging and obviously promoted by island owners.

  • FBI should investigate county’s wrongs

    To the editor:
    It’s about time the FBI got involved in the numerous bad things that are occurring here in Brunswick County. The FBI needs to investigate, not the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, and Southport Police Detective Bryon Vassey needs to be in jail awaiting trial for his role in the Jan. 5 fatal shooting of Keith Vidal. If it was anyone else, he would be behind bars and awaiting a trial, but I guess this law does not apply to Brunswick County or the Southport Police Department. What a shame!

  • Obama’s N.C. visits require advance notice

    To the editor:
    The five venues that Obama plans to visit soon to advise them on their economic recoveries should be alerted in advance of his visit so that they can get their shovels ready.
    Ray MacLean