Today's Opinions

  • Trump reflects real Americans

    We are bombarded daily by an incestuous elitist leftist press. They babble on about the lies of President Trump when in fact we have been living in a culture of lies that grew to maturity under President Obam’s administration.

    The truth is Trump, whatever his failings, represents the real Americans, the ones who have been doing the heavy lifting for decades and shedding most of the blood to maintain this republic, only to ridiculed by the anointed ones with their half-educated bumper sticker thinking.

    Cheers for President Trump.

  • Market benefits Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Your readers do understand that these letters are on the editorial page, right? That means they are the opinion of the writers. OK?

    Some of the recent opinions about the Waterfront Market in Sunset Beach and the four women who manage it differ dramatically from my knowledge, my observations, and, yes, my opinions.

  • House Bill 205 scheme strives to keep public in the dark

    The fundamental purpose of newspapers has been to cultivate an informed readership. Regardless of political leanings, newspapers at their core are champions of the public’s right to know about the issues and events affecting their lives.

  • Support RAISE Family Caregivers Act

    To the editor:

    Family care giving can be an emotionally, physically and financially demanding role and this is especially true for Alzheimer’s and related dementia caregivers. Across the country, there are more than 15 million Americans providing unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. In 2016, these caregivers provided an estimated 18.2 billion hours of care valued at more than $230 billion.

  • Taxpayers should not subsidize market

    To the editor:

    Should Sunset Beach taxpayers be subsidizing the Waterfront Market? Sunset Beach taxpayers purchased the land for the Sunset Beach Town Park for $2.1 million and continue to fund the ongoing development of the park. The nonprofit Sunset Beach Business and Merchants Association, beginning in May 2016, opened the waterfront market in our park allowing 60 or more vendors to set up tents or booths to sell their wares every Thursday.

  • Market profits at expense of public

    To the editor:

    Is the much beloved and well-attended Waterfront Market at Sunset Beach Town Park up for sale? Apparently that’s what about 50 people who showed up at the last Sunset Beach Town Council meeting thought. They were there to express their concern that this weekly event in a public park had been “sold” to a for-profit LLC under cover of darkness with no public comment or input whatsoever.

  • Trump raises plenty of concerns

    To the editor:

    We see a lot of back and forth on President Trump, some for, some against. I write today to express concerns not only with his association with Russia, but other matters as well. He says Vladimir Putin is a better leader than President Obama. When in our lifetimes would that statement not be seen as treasonous? Every one of our intelligence sources are 100 percent sure Russia meddled in the election. Trump said there is no proof. Really?

  • You decide: Has North Carolina’s economy taken a U-turn?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    When driving, U-turns can be tricky. The driver often has to turn against oncoming traffic, and, if the turn is at a light, the driver hopes the turn can be made before the light changes to red. Even if the turn is successfully made, the driver must quickly accelerate to merge into traffic. Many times illegal U-turns are made, which is dangerous because oncoming traffic doesn’t necessarily expect the turn to be attempted.