Today's Opinions

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist

    The North Carolina Senate reconvened for the short session last week and there is no shortage of work to be done.

    The primary purpose of the short session is to make necessary adjustments to the budget so government spending will continue to benefit citizens and improve efficiency.

    Last July, we passed a two-year budget that invested in core services, streamlined state government, strengthened public education and helped grow North Carolina’s economy while cutting taxes for all North Carolinians.

  • 17 million kids deserve better

    To the editor:

    Seventeen million kids are being raised in poverty by full-time or multiple-job parents. Handicapped kids struggle every day. I’ve lived it for 54 years because of my experience raising an uninsurable handicapped daughter.

    These children struggle every day with hunger and fear of loss of a roof over their head, not to mention the embarrassment of not having money for any school activity.

  • Selfish drivers make crash response worse

    To the editor:

    I was appalled to witness the worst mass selfish ignorance I’ve ever seen in my 57 years while bumper-to-bumper on N.C. 211 on May 19 because of the horrific school bus accident up the road.

  • It is possible to avoid hell

    To the editor:

    What is hell like? God’s word says it is eternal separation from God (Matthew 25:34, 41, 46). What does eternal separation from God look like? It speaks of continual torment (Luke 16:22-23, 41 and 46. 2 Thessalonians 1:8–9). It tells of someone in hell begging for water and wanting someone to warn his family of his torment (Luke 16:24).

  • Support and appreciate the good in our community

    Before I get too deep into my column this week, I want to ask: Has anyone else noticed how lovely downtown Shallotte looks right now, especially on Main Street along the river?

  • 'Dueling ceremonies' familiar Memorial Day scenario in Calabash

    Calabash has to be the most patriotic town in Brunswick County, if not North Carolina and the entire United States.

    For the past decade, as best my not-so-baby (boomer) memory strains to serve me, I have covered Memorial Day ceremonIES in the Seafood Capital.

    I stress the plural part because, as most Calabash Seafood Capitalists know by now, the town traditionally has two, even three, ceremonies paying tribute to our fallen heroes, veterans and active-duty service members alike.

    This is an absolutely good thing.

  • Busing situation lacks consistency

    In the newsroom we often hear about stories we aren’t involved in covering, but that doesn’t make them any less intriguing.

    This week, that story is the board of education’s decision to switch back to a traditional bussing schedule.

    A surprising twist considering our man with the school system, Sam Hickman, had explained the superintendent intended to switch the high school and elementary route times, but remain on a staggered bus schedule.

  • A divided Union

    To the editor:

    President Washington was leery of political parties, as the most passionate on each side of a policy issue often become unbending. A union, such as a marriage, a partnership, or even our Congress, requires understanding and tradeoffs to function. The shorthand my wife and I use is “this for that.” At its simplest form, I cut the grass as she does the laundry, each appreciating the other.