Today's Opinions

  • Have a safe Fourth of July

    AAA predicts 2016 will be a record-setting year for Independence Day travel, with more than 1.8 million Carolinians people projected to take to our roads, waters and skies. AAA defines the holiday travel period as Thursday, June 30, to Monday, July 4.

  • Be aware of elder abuse

    As we begin our two-part series on scams in our community and how to fight against them, we feel it is important to call attention to one aspect of these crimes related to another type of crime: elder abuse.

    Brunswick County’s 65-and-older population in 2010 was 21.4 percent and grew to 27 percent in 2014, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data.

  • SB 875 would set harmful precedent

    A firestorm has erupted over Sen. Bill Rabon’s proposed Senate Bill 875, which seeks to de-annex three parcels from the town of Sunset Beach, since he filed it last month after notifying only one town official, Mayor Ron Watts.

  • Pray for victims of Matthew

    To the editor:

    Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm, ripped through Haiti and then the southeastern states.

    Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated because of the devastating flooding in North Carolina. People all across the South have much damage.

    Pray now for churches to arise and recovery efforts to move forward. Bind the spirit of further destruction and pray blessing, protection, peace and healing for all that have been affected.

  • Community members show generosity again

    To the editor:

    Last Thursday, Richard and Gail Eury called me saying they felt compelled to help the victims of flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

    They, Kevin and Tracey Hickman, my wife Shawnna and I started getting the wheels turning. I called and got permission from the town of Shallotte to use Rourk Gardens for a setup area, with Dawn Ashton making fliers, posting on Facebook and helping Deb Knox collect goods from WT Cox Information Services.

  • Support the school bond

    Editor’s note: The writer is a Brunswick County Board of Education candidate for district 4.

    To the editor:

    I trust all the fine citizens of Brunswick County want and support quality public education.

    Good schools enrich our community and its economy. If there were proposed a cost-effective way to improve our schools and give our students the facilities they need and provide our educators the environment in which to best teach, would we not support it?

  • Support HB 930 to end puppy mills in our state

    To the editor:

    Why do we still have puppy mills in North Carolina? Two years ago, the state House passed and the governor supported HB 930 to ban the obscene, abusive and horrific business of over-breeding dogs in inhumane conditions.

    How many more puppy mills have to be busted before this bill will be voted on by the Senate? How many more dogs need to suffer and die? This bill is supported by 90 percent of voters.

  • Give Trump a chance

    To the editor:

    No matter which way you lean, understand all candidates are not perfect, but the bottom line is if you want a president who will have open borders, appoint judges who will not follow the Constitution, who will allow enormous numbers of people to enter our country without knowing who they are or their intentions and one who wants to tax your investments and 401Ks and finally who will shut down coal and not take advantage of all the energy that exists in our own country, then vote them into office.