Today's Opinions

  • Finding homes and care for cats

    According to the American Pet Care Products Association, people are expected to spend more than $58 billion on their pets this year alone. And regardless of whether they are millionaires or living on the street, most people these days treat their pets as members of the family.

    People were not as educated about spaying or neutering their pets as they are now. They did not understand that not only did it spare their four-legged friends from life-threatening illnesses and improve their quality of life, but it also reduced the number of strays who become homeless nuisances.

  • Let freedom ring

    Consider how life could be without the freedom we enjoy as Americans.

    We know citizens in North Korea, for example, live under a totalitarian regime that deliberately keeps them ignorant of world affairs. Many of us have read about Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the pregnant woman sentenced to death in Sudanese court for renouncing Islam. Fewer of us may know that Buddhist extremists are driving Rohingya Muslims out of Myanmar with threats and acts of violence.

  • Review books before students read them

    To the editor:

    Information for parents, grandparents and guardians of the children and youth of Brunswick County: There are several very unsavory books in our schools in this county, so be sure to check out books your children bring home and the ones you get a letter about. Some of the things in these books include describing masturbation, references to sex with animals, degrading different ethnic races, filthy language, graphic violence, degrading different religions and much more.

  • Base election on people, not party

    To the editor:

    Tenure is just one of the things the state Senate took away from teachers last session, yet tenure is what Sen. Bill Rabon gains if he is re-elected in November for another term to represent District 8 in Raleigh. Just to get this straight, Rabon votes to take tenure from experienced teachers because he thinks it is not a good thing for North Carolina, yet tenure is good for the state senators when they leave office.

  • Senator should demonstrate moral progress

    To the editor:

    State Sen. Bill Rabon does not represent the best interest of the good citizens of District 8. It appears his vision is more closely aligned with big business and special interest groups in Raleigh and in Charlotte than with the honest hardworking people of our community. I am also troubled by his vengeful and aggressive nature. Calling other legislators vulgar names and yelling at constituents is not appropriate.

  • Thank you for golf tourney support

    To the editor:

    VFW Post 8866 in Holden Beach extends a sincere “thank you” to each of the businesses in the greater Holden Beach community that supported our seventh annual golf tournament. The purchase of ads and donations of goods and services by 72 Brunswick County businesses enabled the Post 8866 to have its most successful tournament to date. Our members will not forget those who supported us in this effort.


    Jim Rich, VFW Post 8866 commander

    Holden Beach

  • Small acts of love change people

    To the editor:

    When the Building Hope Ministry van and a team of volunteers first arrived at a laundromat in Southport bearing quarters, laundry detergent and sandwiches, they met Matt, who had been living in his car and a motel for the past year. “Laundry’s on us today,” they told him. Matt was surprised anyone would do such a thing, much less give him a sandwich.

  • Look twice at Hagan's record

    To the editor:

    Regarding Debora Mawji’s letter in the Oct. 2 edition stating how pro-military U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan is, I am a Navy veteran and filed for disability with the VA and I was found to have a service connected disability.