Today's Opinions

  • Help solve state’s puppy mill problem

    To the editor:

    Recently I held a little poodle with no teeth and no lower jaw because of a lack of medical care. Her tongue hangs out permanently. I held another poodle whose fur was matted and caked with dried feces and urine. This is the way many puppy mill animals live.

    When is it going to stop? When people stop buying that cute little dog or cat from a pet store, from the side of the road or from a Wal-Mart parking lot. Also, when our state lawmakers introduce and pass a bill to stop animal suffering and put puppy mill owners out of business.

  • Time with family accelerates weekends

    Do you ever get to Monday and wonder how your weekend went by so fast? It’s what I seem to do after every weekend I get to spend with my family outside the office.

  • McCrory’s Trump endorsement is appalling

    To the editor:

    Recently, Gov. Pat McCrory said he considered Donald Trump to be a good role model for our children. Does McCrory think a bigoted racist misogynist is a good role model for our children?

    The tape of Trump bragging he can sexually assault women and get away with it has flooded the media recently. Previously, Trump disparaged a respected judge for having Mexican heritage, encouraged open discrimination against American Muslims, and Muslims in general, he insulted all Mexicans, and disparaged African-Americans.

  • You decide: Are there ‘excesses’ building in the economy?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    The word “excess” generally has a bad meaning in our society. It implies too much of a good thing that can lead to problems later. A second serving of my favorite apple pie can lead to an unwanted expansion of my waistline. Speeding to get to work on time can result in accidents and injuries.

  • Hurricane Matthew sent me a sign — no, a real one

    I hope everyone made it through Hurricane Matthew safe and sound and once again has access to power and roads and at least 57 channels, with college and NFL football taking up quite a few of them. And MLB playoffs. That’s happening, too.

  • Hurricane generates goodwill, exposes cretins

    One of the most heartening things I’ve seen in the wake of Hurricane Matthew is the outpouring of assistance people are offering others in need. After the storm passed and the sun shone again Sunday, teams of residents gathered in the hardest-hit areas of the county to cut away fallen trees and lend a hand.

  • Kudos to all involved in Sunset at Sunset

    To the editor:

    We would like to thank our craft vendors, food vendors and nonprofits for their participation in the 10th annual Sunset at Sunset Festival. We hope your day was enjoyable and profitable.

    This year’s record-breaking crowds were amazing and we hope you enjoyed the day. Your support of the festival and our vendors means the world to us.

  • Vote ‘no’ on school bond

    To the editor:

    I received a copy of a handout that Brunswick County schools recently sent home with all the children in the district on its proposed $152 million bond. They don’t use the words “vote for the bond” but they are skating dangerously close. I am concerned about this because it seems biased for the bond using our tax dollars and our children to promote it.