Today's Opinions

  • Justice may be closer for Jaronn

    It’s a shame most of us only got to know Jaronn Ladale McAllister because of his violent death March 1, 2012.

    The 3-year-old Shallotte boy was full of the unlimited potential all small children have, and someone cruelly robbed it from him, from us.

    It’s been a long time coming ­— far too long, some say — but at last someone is being held responsible for killing him.

  • Settle on school start times

    To the editor:

    I just heard about the possibility of changing school start times again and wanted to share my opinion. Last year, I fought to keep the schedule as it was because it worked for most working parents, as well as the children. I even suggested that older students have the later start time because they do not require the supervision getting ready or onto a bus that young children do.

  • Shallotte supports tax referendum

    To the editor:

    Residents of Brunswick County are being asked to support a 1/4-cent increase in the sales tax. This increase would provide approximately $l.5 million annually for schools in Brunswick County and the same amount for county beach nourishment and dredging. While funds produced by this tax will not meet all of the needs of either the schools or our beaches and rivers, they will provide immediate assistance in both areas. This sales tax increase will help avoid an increase in property taxes and will spread the tax burden between residents and visitors.

  • Paying the price for ‘lyin’ eyes’

    To the editor:

    “Every form of refuge has its price.” The soul-searing words from the song, “Lyin’ Eyes,” resonate with no less meaning today than they did when Don Henley and Glenn Frey of the Eagles composed them in 1975.

  • Red Cross seeks volunteers

    To the editor:

    The American Red Cross Cape Fear Chapter celebrated its volunteers and the work they do in the community during National Volunteer Week, April 6-12.

    Last year, our volunteers provided food, shelter, comfort and hope to 513 local residents who faced home fires and other disaster situations. They trained 2,637 people in lifesaving skills and assisted 542 military members, veterans and their families. They also helped collect 16,370 units of blood from 495 blood drives in the Cape Fear area.

  • Why I propose another Brunswick County school day schedule change

    By Edward Pruden


  • A brief guide to seeing the editor, visiting the newsroom

    Most of the time, the people who come by to speak to the editor have two reasons for doing so.

    The first reason is they want to introduce themselves and comment about our news coverage. I’ll always welcome this. I’m never OK, though, with people who bypass our front desk and barge into the newsroom (or my office) unannounced, no matter how friendly their intentions.

  • Late nights started with ‘Letterman’

    When I was a kid, the family used to do things as a family, meaning if my older sisters had some activity to go to, the parents volunteered and I got stuck going along, too.

    We didn’t bother with babysitters when I was too young to take care of myself. When I was old enough to be left on my own, it meant I was old enough to help out with whatever event we were going to — setting up, breaking down, carrying things to and from the station wagon.