Today's Opinions

  • No to mosque

    To the editor:

    We hear so much today about rights. I have a right to do this; you have a right to do that. My dad often reminded me: “With rights come responsibilities.” Such responsibilities are often neglected by those who scream the loudest about their rights. This can be seen day in and day out throughout the United States and the world.

  • A Patriot Party

    To the editor:

    I do not watch TV. I do not watch Glenn Beck. However, I did watch his speech at the Lincoln Memorial. His main point was that Americans need to, first, make sure we are in a right relationship with God. We need to ask God to fill us with His hope, peace, and charity, and share that hope, peace, and charity with our family, our community, and ultimately, the whole world.

  • Small group wants bridge saved

    To the editor:

    Thousands of residents oppose the acquisition of the land and retention of the old bridge house. It would be of no benefit to Sunset Beach to spend $3.75 million on 5 acres, a cost factor too high. What would be accomplished? A boat ramp is not far away. 

  • Wants better use of tax dollars

    To the editor:

    I just got my tax bill. It appears one-quarter of my tax dollars go to Sunset Beach and three-quarters of my tax dollars go to the county. I know where my Sunset Beach tax dollars go: trash pickup, yard debris pickup, police, fire, local road maintenance, streetlights and beach patrol. The only thing I can think of that I get from the county is water, and I have to pay for that. I don’t see any libraries, schools or parks in Sunset Beach.

  • Over spending in government

    To the editor:

    This is in response to the disclosure of county commissioner expense records in a recent news article.

  • Supports MacCullum

    To the editor:

    Nov. 4 is fast approaching. We will be at the polls to elect our public officials. With all the high profile political positions up for grabs, please give careful consideration to one that receives less attention, but impacts every Brunswick County citizen’s life every day.

  • Little boy’s visit to Calabash Creamery creates treasured memories for family

    If you ask Judy Christie’s 6-year-old grandson Alex if he is different from other kids, he’ll quickly tell you he’s not.

    Alex, who visits his grandmother Judy and grandfather Tom here in Shallotte every summer, has a medical conditional called mitochondrial disorder. The disease affects different people differently, and for Alex it means his digestive system doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. 

  • What happened to fiscal conservatism, commissioners?

    Why are county commissioners paid a salary?

    They get paid for attending meetings. They get paid mileage to travel to and from meetings. They get paid to talk to constituents on the phone. 

    So, why then, are they paid a salary—$13,858 for chairman Bill Sue and $11,548 for each other commissioner?

    Every commissioner we asked seemed to have a different take on what exactly they’re getting paid their salaries for, and what exactly constitutes a meeting.