Today's Opinions

  • Democrats will have to answer

    To the editor:

    Despite protests by Mike McIntyre and so many “Blue Dog” Democrats, there is a very easy way of determining if they supported the progressive agenda and policies of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. It is a matter of mathematics. 

  • Interested in fair tax

    To the editor:

    Concerning our taxes for the future, I for one am very interested in the “fair tax” being considered by the candidate running for the N.C. Senate for our district, Bill Rabon. 

  • Let voters decide

    To the editor:

    This year, I voted in the mid-term elections for the first time because I’m so concerned with the direction our leaders are taking our country. I chose to get involved with Tristan Patterson’s campaign for the North Carolina State House to do my part locally to help change things.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been disgusted with the dirty politics I’ve witnessed. These are things you would expect to see in a movie theater, not in a small town with people you know. Some tactics against Tristan have been intimidating. 

  • Student needs help with project

    To the editor:

    I am writing to you from Pawtucket, R.I. In my geography class, we are responsible for creating a written, oral and poster project. I chose to do my project on North Carolina. Could you please publish this letter in your paper so that your readers could help me on my project? My teacher explained that first-hand information from citizens of our chosen state would be much more helpful than information gathered from books or the Internet. 

  • New program will help BCC students get degrees

    An innovative new partnership will help local students stay in Brunswick County to complete some of the college studies they previously had to pursue out of the area.

    On Monday, BCC and the University of North Carolina Wilmington announced a new partnership that will allow students to finish the final two years of their elementary education degrees in Brunswick County. 

    The program will allow students to study at BCC’s Leland Center instead of having to travel to Wilmington to UNCW.

  • Get out and vote!

    The November General Election is less than a week away, but you don’t have to wait until Nov. 2 to cast your vote.

    Already some 13,000 of Brunswick County’s 77,393 registered voters have headed to the polls to cast early votes. Those voters join about 450,000 across North Carolina who have already headed to the polls.

    Voting is an important right of every American and it’s exciting to see so many people already excited about casting their votes. We hope this trend continues all the way through Election Day.

  • I thought it could be the most impressive, compact medication packaging ever

    For the last several years I’ve suffered from chronic back pain coupled with an inability to sleep regularly at night. 

    It doesn’t help I spend far more of my time at a desk working than I do exercising. It’s a problem that keeps compounding itself.

  • Brunswick County voters put their opinions where it matters—in the ballot box

    When it comes to elections, I tend to be a bit of a hypocrite. I complain about how much extra work it is, how I can’t wait until Nov. 3, when the elections are behind us.

    But, at the same time, I live for this. Yes, I’m tired, I’m cranky, and most of all, I’m sick of dealing with candidates, but I love it.

    In fact, as much as I say I can’t wait for elections to be over, I hate it more when they finally do come to an end.

    I’m actually a little sad when they end, believe it or not.