Today's Opinions

  • Department heads, elected officials responsible for knowing the law

    In April, The Brunswick Beacon requested access to e-mails generated to and from county government administration department heads.

    The county promptly responded to the request, providing the newspaper access per N.C. Public Records Law. Often we have good responses to public records requests from the county.

    However, following our most recent request, at a May 20 county government department heads’ meeting, extended discussion took place about the state’s public records law and the federal Freedom of Information Act.

  • Ocean Isle Beach to celebrate its 50 years this weekend

    A lot can happen in 50 years. Just ask any of the original residents of Ocean Isle Beach.

    Ocean Isle Beach was a 7-mile stretch of pure beach some 50 years ago. When Odell Williamson and M.C. Gore purchased the island in 1953, they sold only a handful of lots before Hurricane Hazel hit the following year and wiped away most if the island’s initial developments.

    Over time, the town rebuilt and grew into one of the best restored beaches in the country, according to the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association.

  • Hurricane season is here; now is the right time to start planning

    There’s something about severe weather that really intrigues me. From swirling clouds and darkening skies, to booms of thunder and flashes of lightning, reporter instincts quickly kick in when rough weather approaches.

    Now that June 1 has come and gone, all Brunswick County residents’ severe weather intrigue should be piquing as hurricane season is finally here.

  • Close, but not quite

    To the editor: I appreciate the experience John Heidtke has had and thank him for his service. His column in the May 21 edition was enlightening and reassuring. but the organization he quoted for statistics does not exist.

    The Violence Policy Center is a rabid anti-second amendment organization and has nothing to do with the National Rifle Association. The statistics quoted are close but not complete.

  • America, what has happened to you?

    To the editor: Just when you thought the Bush/Cheney legacy could sink no lower, new torture pictures surface.

    A Sydney paper published a few; Wired Magazine had published others in February 2008. Now, General Taguba confirms U.S. personnel raped men, women and children in their custody and sexually abused them with nightsticks, phosphorescent tubes, etc.

    Can Americans handle the truth, or do we prefer to sweep these atrocities under the rug, giving the Bush/Cheney administration a pass?

  • Stop forced annexation

    To the editor: From reading articles in newspapers across the state, particularly Raleigh and Charlotte, it appears media have been misinformed, misunderstand or simply accept statements given them by pro-forced annexation proponents.

    Annexation would not come to a screeching halt if those being victimized by forced annexation had a vote. Eighty-six percent of North Carolina’s annexations are voluntary; and they have a vote.

  • Share the road with bicyclists

    To the editor I am a homeowner in Holden Beach. We love to ride our bicycles from east to west. We prefer to use the road, as their are pedestrians using the sidewalks and it’s more of a bumpy ride.

    We were riding on the west end recently and motorists were yelling at us to get off the road and use the sidewalk. Even some obscene language was used.

    We ride single file and stay right on the edge of the road and usually there is plenty of room for motorists to go around us.

  • Find Christ, find peace

    To the editor: Is the quality of our lives dependent on our circumstances? God created us to love, praise and enjoy doing His will.

    “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”