Today's Opinions

  • Disappointed in town meeting

    To the editor: I left our town meeting last night (April 22) very disappointed. Our mayor monopolized the meeting.

    Only one commissioner had the nerve to give an opinion and he was “cut off at the pass.”

    The other four commissioners seemed to have no opinions or were just waiting for the mayor to tell them what to vote on. It is a shame our government on our small island appears to be run by only one man.

    Now I am wondering why we voted and elected the five extra people.

  • Are these reasons to like Obama?

    To the editor: Yes, this marvelous man (Obama) wants to change America, but change to what? Here are a few of his 100 proposals:

    1) He is going to let the 2001 tax reduction package expire, bringing with it the largest tax increase in American history and help push America further into a recession.

    This raises the federal income tax on a single person making $30,000 an additional $3,900, or a married family of four an additional $7,800.

    Can you afford $325 or $650 less take-home pay each month?

  • POA prefers separate district

    To the editor: On April 1, the Carolina Shores board of commissioners adopted a resolution to amend the town’s charter by adopting an ordinance to eliminate District 1 as a separate district.

    They are having a meeting at 6 p.m. on May 5 in town hall at 200 Persimmon Road for public comment.

  • Hewett deserves more than a slap on the wrist

    To the editor: I believe the writer of the letter about Ronald Hewett deserving a slap on the wrist has it wrong.

    He is suggesting we should have a lower standard for public officials, in particular law enforcement officials, than normal citizens. That trend has been set by the entertainment industry, in particular professional sports.

    However, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Sunset sewer distortion

    To the editor: Not long ago, Mayor Ron Klein and council members, led by Len Steiner and former member Carl Bazemore, led the push to mandate every citizen be forced to connect to the new sewer system.

    Unfortunately, council members Bobinski and DeVita followed the blind wisdom of their Sea Trail golf partners.

    This mandate would have caused serious financial hardship for many retirees and working class citizens.

  • Supports McCrory for governor

    To the editor: I am a resident of Brunswick County and former resident of the Charlotte area.

    I have known Pat McCrory for more than 20 years. I saw firsthand the leadership he provided as the mayor of Charlotte for more than 13 years, having been re-elected seven times.

    Pat’s leadership in areas such as crime control, transportation and planning has been recognized by both Republicans and Democrats in Charlotte.

    Pat wants to take his leadership experience to Raleigh and change the culture of state government.

  • Speaking for those without a voice

    Volunteering with a church in downtown Houston more than a year ago, Mike Jones, a Brunswick County native, walked under a bridge to talk to a homeless woman.

    He had prayed with many homeless people during his time as a volunteer, but this one was different. The woman was pregnant with triplets and living under the bridge with her boyfriend.

    During their prayer, many others joined in, forming a larger and larger circle underneath the bridge as they prayed for the woman and her unborn children.

  • Local political committees have important decisions ahead

    In the coming weeks, representatives from the Republican and Democratic parties here in Brunswick County have some very important decisions to make.

    The Republican Party will be looking for someone to fill the shoes of David Sandifer, a longtime county commissioner and commissioners’ chair, who died after a battle with cancer.