Today's Opinions

  • Council serves the will of the people

    To the editor: Two Sunset Beach town council incumbents and the mayor ran for re-election on Nov. 3.

    Councilman Len Steiner finished last, losing his seat. Councilman Lou DeVita was re-elected by a pitiful 53 votes. Mayor Ron Klein won by just 110 votes.

  • We did not pick this fight

    To the editor: The majority of St. James is populated by good people, and I apologize to them. I bear no malice there. The residents have done much good in the area, yet their charitable deeds are eclipsed by the town’s aggression. Many say they are from Southport to avoid the growing stigma the council is cultivating.

  • What have we Americans become?

    To the editor: The headlines in newspapers and commentaries by all the TV networks reported at the Fort Hood army base in Killeen, Texas, 15 soldiers had been killed.

    The “alleged” gunman, an Army psychiatrist who opposed the war in Iraq, was upset about soon being deployed to Iraq.

    Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan, the “alleged” shooter, opened fire on a crowd of soldiers and was shot by a civilian police officer, which ended his deadly assault.

  • An idea to encourage recycling

    To the editor: The Beacon recently had an article promoting recycling in Brunswick County as a voluntary way to reduce the usage in our limited landfills. This had me thinking of an idea that might would work and encourage people to recycle.

    I have been a resident of Shallotte for the past 20 years. Once the county went to a scheduled trash removal system, with a trashcan given to every resident, I saw a tremendous change along all county highways.

    Most of the trash has slowly disappeared, showing what a great idea the individual resident trashcan idea was.

  • Grimes an excellent choice

    To the editor: Last week’s Beacon headline “Whatever it takes” tells only part of the story regarding accomplishments of an unforgettable person, Bob Grimes.

    As a cafeteria worker, I see almost all students, teachers and other school personnel on a daily basis.

    During the years Mr. Grimes was assistant and then principal of Shallotte Middle School, I observed a positive change in the one place where both teachers and students are most comfortable—the cafeteria.

  • Stop oppression, set us free

    To the editor: In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    This quote is profoundly scary as it applies to the town of St. James.

    To paraphrase this: A great percentage of St. James residents won’t admit they are from St. James. Candidates running for political office, obituaries and casual conversation you see and hear Southport. Why?

  • Is it any wonder we're scared to death?

    There’s been a lot of clucking and moaning the past few years about the phenomenon of over-protective parents who hover over their kids like helicopters, shielding them from the “real world” and not letting them learn to navigate life’s difficulties on their own.

    We want our children to stand up for themselves, but we don’t want them to get seriously hurt when we could have done something to prevent it.

  • New clinic will help many residents

    In this difficult economy, when many Brunswick Countians are unemployed or facing reduced work hours and pay cuts, it can be difficult to find affordable medical care.

    That’s why free clinics, like New Hope and Brunswick Adult Medical Clinic, are so important.

    Last week, volunteers and officials with New Hope Clinic broke ground on a new, much-needed, larger facility. It’s a move required after the clinic has experienced an increase in the number of people who need its services.