Today's Opinions

  • There's still plenty of time to get involved with a local MADD chapter

    ’Tis the season for holiday festivities, parties and gift giving.

    It’s also the season for dangerous highways, as drivers who partake in libations bring the ho-ho-ho happiness of spirit consumption directly onto area roads.

    In Brunswick County, law enforcement officers stay busy year-round with traffic stops and DWI checkpoints. It only gets worse this time of year.

  • Support healthcare reform

    To the editor: As I write this letter, Aetna has just announced it will drop more than 600,000 folks from its rolls so they can retain their profit margin.

  • Count your holiday blessings: most of us aren't Tiger

    No doubt about it, things are difficult this holiday season, even for Tiger Woods. Or perhaps I should say especially for him.

    Just think about all the sponsorship revenue he’s suddenly not earning. As his New Zealand caddy said in his defense just this week, the media is all over him, all because of “one mistake.”

    One? Which one?

    As Gillette put it, “In the midst of a difficult and unfortunate situation…we will support [Tiger’s] desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing campaigns.”

  • Caroling is great, but not as sentimental as it sounds

    When most of us think of Christmas caroling, scenes of Dickensian street orphans singing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” in cockney accents for tuppence from the upper class or of well-dressed, top-hatted men and bonneted women singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and good-naturedly begging for figgy pudding often come to mind. (OK, maybe just to my mind.)

    But in reality, my experiences with caroling have been a lot less picturesque.

  • Vote was arrogant

    To the editor: The last vote by the old council typifies the arrogance our town leaders have displayed for many years.

    The appointment of councilman Bob Bobinski as chairperson of the ABC Board demonstrates the exclusion of qualified women appointments to lead positions.

    I requested this appointment be delayed until the new council took office; however, as expected, that request was ignored.

    Sea-Trail councilmen Lou DeVita and Len Steiner, along with our passive mayor, Ron Klein, sided with their neighbor and golf league buddy councilman Bobinski.

  • Enjoyed laser light show

    To the editor: We recently visited Ingram Planetarium to see the holiday laser show and what a delight it was; an hour of wonderful holiday music, accompanied by amusing laser figures dancing in tempo.

    While the audience was small, it was certainly entertained. Out-of-town visitors did not realize they would see a holiday laser show and asked about the regular planetarium offerings. They also did not know our planetarium has one of three SciDome HD digital projection systems in the world.

  • Flotilla was fantastic

    To the editor: As usual, the Ocean Isle Beach flotilla was fantastic. All of the neighbors around the 87 marker and the campgrounds appreciate so much what the boat owners put into decorating their boats.

    When we all hear what night they are going to have it, we all act like little kids and start calling our inland friends to come sit on our decks and piers with us and enjoy it.

    Thanks again for all of the time and effort you spent to make us all happy and put us in a merry Christmas mood. Each year they get better and better.

  • Leaving AARP

    To the editor: Editor’s note: This letter was sent to AARP.

    I am enclosing my and my wife’s membership cards. Due to the AARP stance on the healthcare reform bill being deliberated by the cronies in Washington, we are hereby canceling our memberships to AARP.

    AARP is supposedly for the protection and benefit of seniors, but AARP and other corporations are selling out seniors in an alliance with lobbyists and bureaucrats in Washington to line their pockets.