Today's Opinions

  • Forced annexation is wrong

    To the editor: Forced annexation is not only wrong but also unfriendly, unneighborly and un-American. It is a bad law. People who would use this tactic just because they can, fall into the same categories.

    What kind of people think they have more rights to a property than their neighbor who worked, saved and paid for that property? Only arrogance can make you believe the rights of others are subservient to your own.

  • Supports Dunn, Goodenough

    To the editor: Cities and towns in North Carolina were created for business needs such as maintenance, security, refuse, fire department, water, sewerage and storm water protection that are necessities and can usually be furnished more effectively by cities and towns than counties and the state.

    In November 2005, the elected commissioners of the town of Carolina Shores voted for Ordinance 155.42-155.43 (maintenance responsibility) that made the homeowner responsible for maintenance of what was thought to be “town” property.

  • Surprised by comments

    To the editor: I was surprised by the nervy, self-serving comments from Becky Kaplan in regard to the article by Laura Lewis, staff writer for The Brunswick Beacon.

    Kaplan is “booting” parked cars in the Sunset Beach private parking lot because, as she states, to show the problem they will have when the new bridge opens. The bridge won’t open until late next year, so why the rush now to address a so-called problem that is so far into the future?

  • 'Extra help' available for seniors

    To the editor: On Oct. 7, I participated in an event in Raleigh as part of the N.C. Senior Tar Heel Legislature’s “Relay for Extra Help” campaign kickoff event.

    I joined fellow legislators in walking one mile to raise awareness about a program that affects more than 80,000 Medicare recipients across our state.

  • Backs Gere Dale for election

    To the editor: The Town of Carolina Shores needs to change back to the way it was before December 2007.

    Gere Dale has been dedicated to the town since its formation more than 10 years ago. He has much respect for and strives for the protection of all town employees as well as the appointed positions.

    He, like the other commissioners and the politically experienced residents, know when a small group of residents question a pending board decision, those few do not represent the majority, even though they may think they do.

  • Disagrees with writer's assertion

    To the editor: Recently, your paper printed a letter from Christy Judah who made a false claim I “interrupt” military funerals.

    It is amazing to me your paper would print such an unmitigated, unsubstantiated and blatant lie.

    If this Miss Judah doesn’t like me or what I stand for and wants to dispute that, fine. That’s her opinion and her right. But for your paper to print something that is fashioned out of the whole cloth of her mind is different.

  • Thanks for help at festival

    To the editor: We would like to express our gratitude to the Ocean Isle Beach Police Department, the EMS and the Ocean Isle Beach Fire Department for the great job they did this past weekend at the N.C. Oyster Festival.

    Considering the high volume of traffic on the island Saturday and Sunday, our police department did an excellent job of traffic control.

    Thanks to all who helped to make the oyster festival a success—once again.

  • Vote for change on Election Day

    To the editor: Election Day will offer an opportunity for Sunset Beach voters to bring their brooms to the town hall to sweep our current elected officials out of office.

    They have embarked on a multi-million dollar spending spree for wasteful projects that will keep tax rates higher than they need to be, making life difficult for those on fixed incomes or struggling to support their families during these tough economic times.