Today's Opinions

  • A leader, a champion for the community, Thompson served Brunswick County well

    I vividly remember the day I first met Randy Thompson. It was my first week at the Beacon. Fresh off the sports desk with no hard news experience, I hit the ground running from day one.

    The first week was a whirlwind—the county budget unveiled on day one, witnessing my first news story bleeding with the red ink of corrections on day two and a horrific fatal wreck on day three—that’s how it all began.

  • Insurance rates are too high

    To the editor: I have lived more than 20 miles from the coast since 1978 and have never had a weather-related damage claim on my property insurance, yet my premiums have tripled.

    The last claim I had was on property in Wingate (Union County).

    We are getting increases, and the western counties are getting reductions. Hugo went there and not here.

    Our representatives are trying, but nothing will help until we property owners get involved. We need to write and call to get the news media involved. There are 13 coastal counties involved.

  • ‘Uniquely Brunswick County’ photo contest nets 173 entries

    To some, nothing says “Brunswick County” better than a view of the scenic Shallotte River.

    To another, the endless road and the intertwined trees found at Orton Plantation best describes the place we call home.

    After a call for everything “Uniquely Brunswick County,” The Brunswick Beacon received 173 entries in this year’s “Think Outside the Beach” photo contest.

    This was the second year for the photo contest, and the number of entries more than tripled last year’s submissions.

  • January can be first in more ways than one

    I’ve always dreaded January.

    In my book and new 2010 New Yorker desk diary, currently lying flat and blank like a cold deserted beach, January looks like a long month of Mondays.

    After a festive and fun weekend (i.e., this past Christmas), suddenly it’s back to work when January breezes, literally, over the calendar transom, flipping us into the unknown of a stark new year.

    Out with the holiday feasting, pumpkin pie and Norm’s hot buttered rum, in with the leftover celery, Slim-Fast and water.

  • Who are you, Tiger?

    To the editor: Please tell me it isn’t true, Tiger; or better still tell me who you really are?

    It seems I don’t know the person. He is one who has seemingly a bottomless pit of talent, a beautiful wife and kids, a never-ending lake of money, and is a gentle person, who adults look upon as “simply amazing.”

  • See "Up!": one of the year's best movies

    The year 2009 was a great one for 3-D movies. Everything from “Coraline” to “A Christmas Carol” to “Avatar” gave viewers the option to see the movies in thrilling, just-like-you’re-there-vision, without the headaches of the old 1950s 3-D experiments.

    But instead of going for the thrill ride, I chose to see the beautiful animated film “Up!” in two dimensions.

  • Needs North Carolina items

    To the editor: Each member of our class is working on a project called Parade of States. We are responsible for gathering as much information as we can. I have North Carolina for my state.

    If any of your readers would help me out by sending any pictures, postcards, used license plates, facts or products from your state, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Socialism is not the answer

    To the editor: The book “The Road to Serfdom” by Frederick Hayek is a primer on the socialist world into which we are plunging.

    With the takeover of healthcare by the government, our descent into a government-controlled plantation begins.