Today's Opinions

  • Appreciate American art in August, year round

    While every month seems to be designated as the official observance for a particular cause, we would like to call attention to August as American Artist Appreciation Month.

  • Pruden sets school superintendent standard

    This time next year, Brunswick County Schools will likely have a new superintendent.

    We hope that person matches Edward Pruden’s caliber. While we have not agreed with everything he has done during his tenure as the school district’s leader for the past four years, it is obvious he genuinely cares about students and their success. It is the most important character trait a school system leader should have.

  • Gore leaves lasting legacy

    It might have been easier for Edward Mannon Gore to simply live in the shadow of his father, who founded the town where he spent most of his life.

    Instead, Ed Gore chose to not only build upon the legacy of Mannon C. Gore, but also leave his own mark on Sunset Beach, Brunswick County and North Carolina.

    After graduating from what is now East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, the Longwood native served our county in the Air Force where he monitored Russian radio transmissions during the Cold War before returning home.

  • Hewett’s death a tragic ending to a sad story

    Any journalist with an ounce of compassion does not delight in reporting an event like the death of former Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett.

    Hewett’s story is familiar to most long-time residents. When he first became sheriff in 1994 at age 31, he was the youngest to be elected to the office in North Carolina. Hewett’s leadership heralded a new era for the sheriff’s office, which was stinging from Herman Strong’s resignation following his conviction on federal drug-smuggling and conspiracy charges.

  • District 17 House update

    Last week in the General Assembly, we passed a record number of bills because of the crossover deadline; we had several controversial bills, including Sunday hunting and school boards suing counties; and we had two marathon sessions, one lasting until after 2 a.m.

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist

    Editor’s note: The Beacon has tried for two months to reach Sen. Bill Rabon by phone and email for comment about Senate Bill 215, which lists him as the bill’s primary sponsor and calls for the state “to abolish the office of coroner in Brunswick County.” Senate Bill 215 was reported favorable to the Senate’s standing committee on health care and re-referred to the Senate Judiciary I Committee on March 31.

  • If we save it, they will come

    By Camilla M. Herlevich and Dan Ryan

    Guest Columnists


    It’s not surprising that the most innovative tech company in the world, Apple, is shaking up the conservation community with its bold decision to invest in 36,000 acres of American forests. Apple’s news release cites a commitment to ensure a steady supply of sustainably harvested timber for its paper and packaging needs.

  • Mother’s Day memories from a lucky son

    By Mike O’Hare

    Guest Columnist


    Anna Jarvis, from Grafton, W.Va., had the great idea for Mother’s Day and President Woodrow Wilson established it as a national holiday in 1914. Thanks Anna, because Mother’s Day has given me some great memories.

    The day before Mother’s Day, Dad would buy a corsage for Mom to wear to church on Sunday. We’d try to hide it in the refrigerator behind something; I’m pretty sure she saw it most years but acted surprised anyhow on Sunday morning.