Today's Opinions

  • Hewett’s death a tragic ending to a sad story

    Any journalist with an ounce of compassion does not delight in reporting an event like the death of former Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett.

    Hewett’s story is familiar to most long-time residents. When he first became sheriff in 1994 at age 31, he was the youngest to be elected to the office in North Carolina. Hewett’s leadership heralded a new era for the sheriff’s office, which was stinging from Herman Strong’s resignation following his conviction on federal drug-smuggling and conspiracy charges.

  • Bizarre moments in the courtroom

    I’ve worked as a reporter at The Brunswick Beacon for almost two years now. I’ve learned many things along the way, but perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you never know what might happen next in this line of work.

  • How much does size really matter?

    Much ado has been made over Sports Illustrated featuring a plus-sized model for the first time in this year’s swimsuit edition, in addition to an advertisement for plus-sized swimwear. Regardless of how you feel about this annual publication, this is — if you’ll pardon the pun — a big deal to me.

  • Sherrill needs to clarify role

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach Councilman Wilson Sherrill made a statement at the April 6 Sunset Beach council meeting, as reported in the April 9 edition, regarding his membership on the Ocean Isle appointed Project Review Team (PRT) for the proposed terminal groin at Shallotte Inlet.

    He stated he was invited by Ocean Isle Mayor Debbie Sloane Smith as a member of the public to a meeting sometime in 2012 or 2013. Sherrill said he attended the meeting but never spoke.

  • Board should vote against rule change

    To the editor:

    I am a homeowner at Continental Condominium on Sunset Beach. Continental has been a tourist attraction since 1968, way before many of the large expensive homes. It has made possible for middle-income families to own and vacation at the beach. Because half of the units are on ground level, it makes it possible for handicapped renters to stay there.

  • Climate change claims meant to destroy capitalism

    To the editor:

    Natural forces over millions of years brought about major global climate changes. Did these natural forces simply evaporate when mankind arrived? Don’t we experience natural forces on our planet that exceed our ability to anticipate, abate and control them? Isn’t it arrogance and conceit to claim man’s activity alone accounts for these upheavals?

  • Remove fence for sake of drivers’ safety

    To the editor:

    Recently, I have noticed a fence has been put up in front of the cemetery at Gilbert Road and Midway Road in Bolivia. It has made it more difficult to see what is coming while turning onto Gilbert Road from Southport.

    As a new driver, I believe this fence doesn’t have much of a purpose and it may cause an accident in the future. For the safety of the citizens who use Gilbert Road every day, please take it down so no one gets hurt.

    Ashley Andriuolo, South Brunswick High School sophomore


  • ONDBEAT: Proposed plans no paradise for Sunset Beach islanders

    There have been times when Sunset Beach islanders threatened to secede — from the Sunset Beach mainland, that is, where the current town hall has been located and town deciders have been deciding how to spend their hard-earned property tax revenue since Sunset Beach incorporated 52 years ago.

    Now just may be one of those times yet again.