Today's Opinions

  • SHIIP is not just for seniors: It’s for anyone with insurance questions

    By Jennifer Prince Sherman

    Guest Columnist

    Did you know that if you are younger than 65 and have a disability, you might be eligible for Medicare? If you have questions about your health insurance options, SHIIP can help. SHIIP, the Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program, is a division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance that provides free, unbiased counseling about Medicare not just to seniors, but also to people on Medicare because of disability.

  • Lessons from our great coach will last beyond a lifetime

    The Tar Heel Family knew this day would come soon, but it hurt anyway. Dean Smith, the longtime men’s basketball coach of my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, died Saturday night at 83. It was only slightly less shocking than the news that dementia was robbing our great coach of his sharp memory.

  • ONDBEAT: Being senior has its perks and wrinkles

    In childhood, there’s a tendency to want to be older. Many a 4-year-old would rather be 6. For those who are only 9, it sounds bigger and better to say they’re double-digits 10.

    Ditto for teenage-hood — the older you are, the more sophisticated and grown-up it sounds to say you’re older than you are, old enough to get into a restricted movie, perhaps. “Under 17,” after all, still requires an accompanying parent or adult guardian

  • Robert and Jack: a tough story of two local pros

    By Whit Clark

    Guest Columnist


    A few years ago, I wrote a short piece about Robert Jones, my barber. It was a brief and admiring look at a man who started a local barbershop, Hair Shapers, and operated it until his passing. Robert was the consummate barber: fast, accurate and a good listener — all the ingredients that made the consumer return to the chair.

  • Pruden was unfit to lead county schools

    To the editor:
    I am so surprised that people are upset with the Brunswick County Board of Education for firing Dr. Edward Pruden.

  • Court should treat juveniles as juveniles

    To the editor:
    All minors 16 and older are sent directly to criminal court. They do not go through the juvenile system. No matter the level of their crime, whether a misdemeanor or a serious crime, they do not get the chance to be treated as the juveniles they are.
    The legal voting age is 18 because those younger are not viewed as being able to make adult decisions; however, in the eyes of the law, they are deemed to be old enough to be punished as an adult.

  • Negotiating team lacks credibility

    To the editor:
    After countless months of agreement violations and excuses by the team of Councilman Wilson Sherrill and former councilwoman Karen Joseph defending the developer of Jaguar’s Lair, the town of Sunset Beach has finally entered into mediation. In summer and fall 2013, the developer walked off the job and the team did nothing. Instead, in winter 2014, they blamed the weather as their revised excuse.

  • Breaking bread connects community

    When was the last time you broke bread with someone? I mean, really broke bread — pulled apart a dense baked ball of dough while dining with another person or group of people? It’s so basic, but there’s something about it that, to me, conveys a true sense of kinship.