Today's Opinions

  • Need to reform welfare system

    By Congressman David Rouzer

    Guest Columnist

    In 1996, a Republican-led Congress and a Democratic president signed a welfare reform bill that required recipient’s work. It was a good bill that helped move millions off welfare and into productive jobs.

  • You decide: How can a business stay afloat?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Operating a business is tough. Meeting payroll, hiring qualified workers, attracting buyers and complying with regulations are just a few of the challenges faced by business owners. Statistics show 44 percent of new businesses shut down within three years. Opening a business is no guarantee it will be a success.

  • Planetarium draws visitors to Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    At a June 16 Sunset Beach Town Council workshop, Councilman Lou De Vita questioned the effectiveness of the Sunset Beach Business and Merchants Association’s (SBBMA) campaign to attract tourists. He chose to cite the SBBMA’s posting of the programs at Ingram Planetarium on its website as an example of ineffective spending.

    I leave it to the SBBMA to justify its overall program, but De Vita’s statements imply the programs offered at Ingram Planetarium have no effect on attracting visitors to Sunset Beach. I disagree.

  • A call to be renewed

    Christian believers see challenges coming toward us from every side to overwhelm and defeat the cause of the kingdom of God.

  • Facts about Sunset Beach Town Park’s tree removal plans

    To the editor:

    Regarding Charlie Nern’s letter in last week’s edition, he is wrong in his information on the tree removal in the Sunset Beach Town Park. According to a town survey, the overwhelming majority of homeowners said their main wish for the new park should be to retain the trees. I requested all town records regarding the removal of the trees in the park. The records show this was not done.

  • Historic event unifies Americans

    To the editor:

    Pastor Brad Ferguson and I journeyed to Columbia, S.C., July 10 to witness a historic event: the lowering and removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. It should never have been allowed to fly one the statehouse dome or on the statehouse grounds.

  • Display our American flag, colors properly

    To the editor:

    I always enjoy this time of the year when Americans seem more excited to fly our American flag and display/decorate with American bunting.

    As I wander through many of our communities, I notice many displaying the American bunting. Most Americans are fully aware of the American flag and its proper display etiquette and color arrangements. We would not display a flag that had the red and white striping in improper order/sequence.

  • Same-sex marriage creates moral consequences

    To the editor:

    On June 26, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, Obergefell vs. Hodges, held that the Constitution guarantees of due process and equal protection under the law mean states cannot ban same-sex marriages. With the landmark ruling, gay marriage becomes legal in all 50 states.