Today's Opinions

  • What side of the cross are you on?

    To the editor:

  • Church shelter issue is one of citizenship

    To the editor:

    Should churches that house the homeless be required to meet local building codes and regulations?

    Churches are people, not buildings. Church members can meet anywhere, but when they invest in a building, the community expects it to meet applicable codes and regulations. Churches receive a number of free services, paid for by taxpayers, including fire and police protection.

  • Explore alternatives to groin

    To the editor:

    The proposed terminal groin at the east end of Ocean Isle Beach has been framed in two ways: by advocates as necessary to save houses and by those opposed that the structure will destroy downstream beaches.

    The existing situation is from one-half mile west of Shallotte Inlet; Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach beaches are stable. Erosion occurring at the eastern end of Ocean Isle is because of the mining of the tidal delta.

  • Councilman’s views conflict with position

    To the editor:

    Wilson Sherrill, Sunset Beach town councilman, attended the public hearing on the proposed Ocean Isle Beach terminal groin at Shallotte Inlet on March 3 as a member of the Ocean Isle Project Review Team (PRT).

    Jean Hutchinson, secretary/treasurer of the Sunset Beach Taxpayers Association (SBTA), said Sherrill was not appointed to serve on this committee by the Sunset Beach governing body, nor does he express the views of the citizens of Sunset Beach.

  • Clinton’s excuses fit for spy

    To the editor:

    Were I a traitor and working undercover in the U.S. State Department as a Russian or Iranian agent with the highest security clearance available, I would welcome former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s claim of convenience for maintaining a personal email account instead of the mandatory .gov account.

  • Civility has ended in America

    To the editor:

    March 3, 2015, will go down in history as the day civility came to an end in America.

    I was ashamed of how our elected officials treated the prime minister of Israel — from the president to all members of Congress who hide in their inferiority complex of showing respect to a better statesman and a heck of a lot more man than they will ever be.

  • Walk toward the light, embrace the sunshine

    The forecast calls for more rain this week, but Monday’s beautiful weather was an excellent way to start Sunshine Week, an annual national initiative launched by the American Society of News Editors to educate the public about the importance of open government. As for me, I kicked off the week by giving a very brief presentation during Carolina Shores’ Sunshine Week open house Monday.

  • It may be time to change time change

    Daylight Saving Time, aka DST, seemed to dawn especially early this year.

    I know for a fact the March 8 “spring ahead” time changeover had an impact and less-than-appreciated effects on people and animals alike.

    I overslept at least two days and missed the morning headline news and one of my cups of coffee.

    A local official I work with experienced a bout of brain fog, attributed to the time change.

    My sister missed this year’s DST changeover completely, and perhaps blissfully, for the first 24 hours.