Today's Opinions

  • Do the right thing to go 'round the roundabout

    When it comes to navigating the new Sunset Beach roundabout, some drivers are gettin’ it and some aren’t.

    Construction is nearing completion of the new mainland entry to the island bridge where stop signs are no longer needed.

    Instead, motorists must heed yield signs at its four entries and go with the flow in a right-hand direction — as opposed to going left, also known as “wrong.”

    Those are standard rules of the roundabout.

  • School board needs refresher courses

    To the editor:

    After reading the story in last week’s edition regarding the change in school bus schedules, it is obvious to me we need to send the Brunswick County school board back to school. They certainly need refresher training in civics and finance.

  • Making things cost-effective

    To the editor:

    I’m pleased to see Ocean Isle Beach consider curbside mandatory recycling. As with anything new, there will be resistance, but cost should not be one of them. The OIB curbside service would only cost property owners $45 a year for bi-monthly pick up. We have a voluntary curbside recycling program in Sunset Beach, and it also costs $45 a year (only $3.75 a month). Out of 3,600 property owners, 700 have opted into the program, now in its second year.

  • Support minimum wage increase, Hagan

    To the editor:

    Seattle raised the minimum wage to $15, while Thom Tillis and the Republican Party refuse to raise it to $10.10 as U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-North Carolina, supports. Who’s right?

    We had a “Demand Side” economy under FDR for 45 years, and at the end, the unemployment rate was under 5 percent and the debt was under $1 trillion. We have had a “Supply Side” economy since Reagan introduced it in 1980. The unemployment is more than 6 percent and the debt is more than $17 trillion.

  • Thanks to many

    To the editor:

    A sincere thank you to all who, this past Memorial Day weekend, paid the supreme sacrifice and all others serving, as well as all of us who did so in the past, with parades and memorial remembrance ceremonies in Brunswick County in your support of all military veterans.

    To Brunswick County Manager Ann Hardy on being named 2014 UNCW Alumna of the Year: Congratulations, good show, well done, and it’s clearly evident you deserve to be so honored.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist


    The fourth week of the short session started with a flurry of bills being considered in committees. Then some of them moved quickly to the House floor for debate and votes. On June 3, our House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation reviewed the governor’s budget adjustments for the 2014-15 fiscal year, as well as the Senate’s budget adjustments.

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist

    With all the excitement from last week’s budget unveiling, we were thankful to have a calmer environment here on Jones Street.

    Items on the agenda

    We dealt extensively with the public/private partnership with the Department of Commerce to ensure economic development throughout the state and our region. An important part of this bill was the new film grant program that aligns with our industrial grant programs.

  • You never stop being daddy’s little girl

    Just as I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day this year with my mom, I won’t be able to spend Father’s Day with my dad, either. It’ll be because he and Mom will be back in Cleveland for Dad’s 50th high school reunion, where I know he’ll be the life of the party.