Today's Opinions

  • A random act of kindness

    To the editor:

    On March 28, my son and I were having lunch at Duffer’s restaurant in Shallotte. I want to tell you a story of kindness and graciousness. A sweet and charming lady and the gentleman who was with her paid for our lunch. They had no reason to do this, only that I had given her a compliment about how nice and refreshed she looked.

    She told me she was a retired teacher and even though I do not know her name and she may never see this, I wanted the people of Brunswick County to know we still have lovely people in our county.

  • Thank you for supporting Sea Notes society

    To the editor:

    As president of the Sea Notes Choral Society, I have the pleasure of thanking you, our audience, for your support and generosity each concert season. On March 26, 27 and 28 when Sea Notes performed its spring concert at Hatch Auditorium, I again had that privilege.

    Sea Notes begins its summer concert series June 27 and 28 with, “A Salute to America, We the People,” when we become a resident company at Odell Williamson Auditorium.

  • Speak out against bill to kill county coroner’s office

    To the editor:

    The stunt by state Sen. Bill Rabon to abolish the office of coroner is a sad day for Brunswick County.

  • Discouragement can come from all directions

    People are still talking, either face to face or on social media, about the front page of The Indianapolis Star on March 31. The editors of the paper used its prime real estate above the fold — the part seen in newsstands — to stack three words against a dark background in huge white type below “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”: FIX. THIS. NOW. It was the headline for the paper’s editorial, running below the fold, about the state’s new law.

  • Leland and Belville aren’t just split by a highway

    There’s a lot going on in North Brunswick these days in both Leland and Belville and especially in between with construction on U.S. 17/74/76 at the Brunswick River.

    I recently saw a new aerial map that shows how the landscape will change once the highway is widened, the diverging diamond is criss-crossing under the overpass and Blackwell Road is relocated.

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist

  • Welcome home, Vietnam veterans

    By Gary G. Crowden

    Guest Columnist


    Officially, the date of the observance is March 30 –– as decreed by the U.S. Senate –– a time to honor all who served honorably and bravely in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and elsewhere in the Southeast Asia war zone.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist


    Last week in the North Carolina General Assembly: We had almost 200 additional bills introduced in the House of Representatives alone; we passed a major property insurance reform bill and saw the House and Senate agree on a major transportation funding bill.